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  Denny Cartier vs. Kai Sotelo

Kai Sotelo - 5'8, 174

Kai cranks a tight side headlock

Punishing Kai with a hammerlock

Denny going for an arm bar

Denny using the ropes as leverage to get the most bang for his buck with this tight head scissors

Be All You Can Be, Beat All You Can Beat

Ring Revenge is about clearing the air. Two wrestlers got a score to settle? They step into the squared circle and work it out, caveman style. And may the best man win! Does a wrestler have a bone to pick with his old grappling buddy? As long as there's a ring with tight ropes, or a mat to absorb two crashing bodies, there's no need for counseling or "talking things out" at BG East. A clean choke-out, and we can consider that particular bone to be well picked. Why compromise when you can make that sucker submit to your will? Rock-paper-scissors is kids' stuff. Real men gear up and kick some serious shit.

Kai Sotelo is taking off. He shows up at the compound in army fatigues, ready to ship out to god knows where. He's staking out a new course for his life, but he's got one last piece of business to take care of before he's free and clear of the past. That piece of business is his old beach buddy Denny Cartier. Denny is the one thing that stands in Kai's way to a new life. But Denny's not ready to let go, and Kai knows his only option is to tap down this little piece of his old life before catching the last flight out of town.

"Always acting like the tough guy," Denny says, dismissively. Waikiki, the Gold Coast, Tamarindo, these were the settings of the life they used to have. They lived wild, they played hard and they fought even harder - with each other or with anyone ballsy or stupid enough to challenge them, singly or as a team. Now Kai wants to front like he's GI Joe, leaving Denny and the rest of the surfer boys high and dry. "I AM the tough guy!" Kai retorts, and you can practically see the steam puff out of his ears as Denny pushes his buttons as he know only to well how to do. But if Kai wants to cut loose of the old gang and catch that plane to boot camp, he's going to have to go through Denny to get there! All bravado and smack talk aside, he knows full well that it's much easier said than done!

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Denny Cartier vs. Kai Sotelo
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Leg splitting grapevine, Denny's got a tight neck crank and Kai struggles not to get pinned

Denny spread open in agony as Kai's gripping stomach claw has him on the edge of submission

Denny Cartier - 5'5, 155

Kai applies a nasty crossface

Bulge focused scissor smother

Hoisted up by Kai's brutal bearhug

With his sweaty opponent trapped on the ropes, Kai bashes Denny's abs

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