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  Aryx Quinn vs. Alexi Adamov

Aryx Quinn - 5'9, 170

Aryx gets a faceful of Alexi's ass

Muscle on muscle bearhug

Tied down and exposed for Aryx

As Alexi struggles to get back in the ring, Aryx scissors the body and rides him like a true cowboy

The Man You Love to Hate, and the Stud You Love to Love

Pitting Aryx Quinn against Alexi Adamov seemed like a great idea to us long before they asked for a crack at each other. For one thing, apart from a clear size and weight difference, the two wrestlers are remarkably similar in physique: smooth, chiseled, handsome, sexy as fuck. The match would be worth it just to wager on whose perfect bubble butt busts the seams of his tight, skimpy trunks first. And speaking of gear, Aryx's well-reported, uncomplimentary comments about Alexi's penchant for wearing his trademark Sexy Alexi superhero undagear in the ring has the big boy seething for revenge.

And toward that goal, Alexi's got the advantage of size, standing taller and weighing a good 15 lbs more than his opponent. But Aryx's ace in the hole has always been his readiness to push buttons and push his chances. There's not a rule in wrestling that Aryx hasn't broken at least twice. His goal for every match is to bring something wicked and new to each, verbal, physical or preferably both! And his unpredictability in the ring is matched by his erratic behavior out of the ring. Case in point, Adamov-versus-Quinn is a main-event contest that has been set up several times now, with Alexi psyched up and already in full gear, only for Aryx to no-show or cancel at the last minute. Aryx Quinn: Master of Mind Games! Right now, nobody's higher on Alexi's shit list than Aryx.

And Aryx is on a lot of people's shit list. He has the gift of rubbing people the wrong way wherever he goes, even though everything else about him begs to be rubbed the right way. An equal-opportunity offender, Aryx has had no qualms about pissing off the kind of big, tough guys you might think he'd try to placate. Big, brawny guys like Joe Mazetti, Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Braden Charron, and Mitch Colby have all had their bones to pick with cocky Aryx, and in turn we've given them all a go at him, with varying results. From his beginnings at BG East, Aryx "The Hurricane" Quinn has stirred up equal parts mischief, pain, exasperation, and lust. He quickly rose to prominence in the organization, pissing off everybody whose head he stepped on along the way and managed even to antagonize The Boss, not just his bread-and-butter, so to speak, but also the one man in the organization who might have sympathized with his insubordinate badass style!

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Aryx Quinn vs. Alexi Adamov
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Using his whole body weight, Aryx drills and stomps his boots into Alexi's sexy pouch and abs

Alexi feels the leglock pain of Aryx's 'Quinnlock' hold that the Boss himself designed for him

Alexi Adamov - 6'1, 185

Alexi stretches out Aryx's arm

Aryx's signature hangman hold

Alexi gets tied in the turnbuckle

Aryx tries to take the bigger stud down by choking him out with a tight sleeper

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