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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Tyrell Tomsen

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 150

Chinlock and pec claw variation

Jonny's chinlock on Tyrell

Backbreaking boston crab

Screaming camel clutch, Tyrell feels his neck being cranked back as Jonny sits deep on his back

The Face of Serious

We told Tyrell Tomsen that Jonny Firestorm is the toughest, baddest, meanest heel at BG East. (A fact confirmed by his strong win as Top Heel in our Best of 2012 Poll) Tyrell just shook his head. He wasn't buying it. "You watch too many cartoons," he told us. "Mighty Mouse ain't real." He took it as a personal insult that we were telling him to be careful with Jonny, a man who, soaking wet, is about three-quarters his size. In the ring, Tyrell and Jonny take an instant dislike to each other. This is animosity on a pure animal level: territorial, hungry, instinctive. It's like they can smell each other's fear and rage. Apparently a little intimidated by this new opponent, Jonny puts up a brave front. He pops his impressive bicep, a symbol of his strength and virility. Tyrell looks it over, blinking in disbelief: "Just keep working on it," he says, like he's speaking to a child.

Both wrestlers have a history of intense competitiveness, often to the point of blind destructiveness. Despite differences in weight and height, they have gargantuan egos to match their enormous and proven ring skills. Tyrell may be verbally dismissive of his diminutive opponent, but he's clearly knowledgeable of Jonny's skills and potential for punishment. So the big man takes the lead at the top of this match, bouncing Jonny off the mat like a rubber ball. Unaccustomed to such facile and humiliating manhandling so early in a bout, Firestorm flies into a temper tantrum, kicking the ring ropes, cursing out of frustration. Tyrell taunts him, patronizingly patting the top of his head: "C'mon, little man, where's your strength?" Tyrell takes a moment for the camera to take in the magnificence of his chest and shoulders in a double-bicep pose. Jonny pretends to be unimpressed and challenges him to a test of strength. Tyrell can't even believe he's serious. "This is the face of serious," Jonny replies, with no hint of irony. Tyrell stifles a chuckle.

He totally creams Jonny in the test of strength, punctuating his total dominance with a body slam and a gorilla press, then striking a few more muscle poses over Jonny's writhing body. But Jonny foils an attempt at yet another body slam, escaping and aiming two dropkicks to the center of Tyrell's back, propelling the big man to the ropes. Knowing no restraint in his fury, Jonny claws at Tyrell's face and pecs. He straddles Tomsen's chest and viciously strangles him with both hands. He even bites him! About now Tyrell's feeling like he's fallen into a badger's nest. Having weakened his opponent, Jonny approaches the decimation of Tyrell with a surgeon's professionalism, showing how easily he can stretch out and wring a much bigger opponent's body. Tyrell cannot say we didn't warn him!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Tyrell Tomsen
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Tyrell hoists Jonny up in the air, preparing for a mind turning, spinning full nelson

The match gets scrappy when Jonny is thrown back into the ring from the ropes

Tryell Tomsen - 5'11, 185

Choking out the big man

Tyrell's high gorilla press on Jonny

Bulge on bulge bearhug

Tyrell the titan crunches Jonny underneath him in a schoolboy pin, flexing his massive bicep

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