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  Gold Shaft vs. Lauden Sevior  

Gold Shaft 5'8, 145 lbs

Bulging modified Boston crab

Bearhug v choke, which will win?

Suck my armpit, princess

Wedgie! Smothered by Gold Shaft's bulging crotch, the Puerto Rican rookie's legs get split wide open

Cherubic Babyface or Wrestling Ringer?

Gold Shaft made a big splash in BG's first official Cock Fight match. The masked sex wrestler swung his impressive meat like a sledgehammer, pounding his opponent into awestruck submission and giving the golden man of mystery an instant and enthusiastic fan base. Finding another opponent willing to face a sex wrestling arsenal like his turned out to be quite frustrating. Having seen what this stud is packing in his trunks, more than one intimidated wrestler took a pass on facing Gold Shaft's golden shaft.

But our masked stud is as resourceful as he is intimidating. With the nightclubs of Lauderdale as his hunting ground, sans mask, he searched for a new victim among the uninitiated. Pretty young Puerto Rican dancer, Lauden Sevior, rose to the bait with an enthusiasm that even made Gold Shaft question if the kid might be a ringer. Either way, it took very little coaxing to get Lauden to the new BGE mat room for "un poquitin de lucha."

Lauden seems entirely unsurprised when Gold Shaft tosses him a pair of green trunks two sizes too small and excuses himself to change into his own gear in the next room. The lithe, lean beauty can't quite keep his beautiful round ass cheeks contained within the breathtakingly sensual fabric. Lauden has thick, curly brown hair that tumbles down to his shoulders and a downy coat covering his chest and legs. A lower abdominal tat peaks out just over the top of the very low-rise trunks. He's incredibly lean and limber as he stretches, waiting for his host to return, demonstrating that his beautifully conditioned and aesthetically proportioned muscles are both strong and flexible. If Gold Shaft was taken in by Lauden's flowing locks and cherubic baby face, his lean hard muscle and obvious athleticism may be more than the down-and-dirty sex wrestler bargained for!

A little surprise washes over Lauden's innocent-looking face when his host returns having donned his white mask and incredibly brief, bulging golden trunks. Gold Shaft struts into the mat room and immediately slaps the beautiful rookie in the chest. Lauden is instantly on defense as his aggressive opponent tackles him to his back and slaps down his hefty bulge across the fresh-faced rookie's stunned lips. Gold Shaft flexes, perched on top of Lauden's chest, ready for the terror to finally settle onto the new kid's painfully pretty face.

With self-assured smoothness, Lauden secures his opponent's masked face tightly in a stunning face-to-crotch headscissors! Gold Shaft squirms and grunts in disbelief. The kid's legs are shockingly powerful, and the masked wrestler can't help but claw and squeeze his young opponent's perfect round ass as the kid exacts some suffering from his host.

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Gold Shaft vs. Lauden Sevior
30 minutes
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