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  Christian Taylor vs. Tino Valencia

Christian Taylor 6'2, 175 lbs

Two can play that game: Christian admires Tino's sexy red briefs as he peels off his camo shorts

Tino flexes as he forces Christian to stroke and admire his dominant body

Long lean Christian is doubled over in pain as Tino lifts him a big rib busting reverse bearhug

With Tino's head trapped between his powerful long legs, Christian grabs Tino's swelling battle bone

Ripe for the Picking?

Many a BG wrestler has made a point of calling out Christian Taylor in order to get close to his classically handsome face and beautifully long, lean, athletic body. Once beaten and subdued, it is a well-known and often discussed fact that Christian invariably melts into full contact lust in the hands of a worthy opponent who's bested him. But subduing Christian is far easier said than done, and the deceptively lean stud has more than held his own against some of the toughest, most accomplished mat wrestlers that BG East has to offer. He's chalked up more defeats than victories, but once he's locked his gorgeous lips on a sweat-soaked opponent after all else is said and done, honestly, everyone's a winner!

Tino Valencia is one more in a long line of BGE scrappers who've set their sights on tasting victory perched atop a conquered Christian Taylor. Tino has wrestled just a few times for BG East, but his credentials in underground and private wrestling are extensive. He has a taste for long, lean, young white boys with something to prove, so it's no wonder the veteran Latino hunk pulled some strings to get Christian on his fight card. He's older than Christian, which can mean more aches and pain, but also a depth of experience and expertise that youthfulness can't always match. Christian is far from a rookie, but Tino is betting he's still ripe for the picking by steadier, more mature hands like his.

The tone is playful as the they approach the mats. Christian taunts the "old guy," and Tino shoves him stumbling into the room. Early going, they taunt and test one another, trading rapid fire moves and countermoves in a flurry of twisting limbs. Catching the young stud in a humiliating schoolboy pin, the Latino hunk sneers down at him. "This is gonna be easy!"

"I'm just luring you into a false sense of security," Christian grins back a moment before executing a violently twisting counter. His tanned, toned body has never been in better shape as he flexes his way to locking a leg back in wrenching single leg boston. He gloats with glee, his big bulging Latin heel buttoned down tightly and groaning in pain.

The playfulness comes to a screeching halt when Tino follows another twisting escape with a snarling, shoulder snapping full nelson/body scissors combination that stretches Christian's beautiful, long muscles vulnerably. Gone are the grins and chuckles. "You going to let an old guy get you, huh!?" Tino's taunts no longer sounding nearly so playful. His upper lip curls, hell bent on squeezing out the first fall submission or ripping his young opponent's arms out at the shoulders, whichever comes first - and maybe both!

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Christian Taylor vs. Tino Valencia
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A breathtakingly tight body scissors around his sexy midsection has Christian gasping for air

Two very sexy, sweaty mat men. Post match pucker up? Welcome to Lip Lock City! Population: 2!

Tino Valencia 5'9, 160 lbs

Rip n' strip mat action: Tino can't wait to see what sexy briefs are hiding under the baggy shorts

A sexy sweaty side sleeper/bodyscissors has pretty Christian in a seriously dangerous predicament!

Neckbreaking nelson: Christian slumps to his knees as Tino cranks on the punishment

Tino's totallly in control! Cross arm self-choke schoolboy pin - beautiful Christian gasps for air

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