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  Jake Jenkins vs. Skrapper

Jake Jenkins 5'7, 155 lbs

Punches rain down on pecs

Ripped hunk struggles in a nelson

Revenge body blows

Jake mounted in a shoulder pinning schoolboy as Skrapper applies a threatening choke

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

Skrapper has a huge reputation around the locker rooms at BG East, much bigger than his lean body might imply. He's more than held his own against much (MUCH!) bigger opponents. He likes hurting guys, and taking a little punishment along the way does nothing but ignite his lust to lay on some more hurt in reply. Any opponent, no matter how big, how bad, how skilled who fails to bring his A-game against Skrapper learns the hard way that the vicious and absolutely fearless little badger is not to be taken for granted.

If he isn't facing overwhelming odds, Skrapper isn't interested. If an opponent doesn't outweigh him by at least 50 pounds (aka Dev Michaels, Brook Stetson, Mitch Colby) then Skrapper typically doesn't consider him to be worth the effort. But Jake Jenkins, while shorter and about the same weight as Skrapper, has built a reputation at BG East as a master tactician on the mats. Jake's extensive success in amateur wrestling was enough to pique Skrapper's interest. He invited Jake to get in a little "practice" with him, to see if the babyface muscle boy is as dangerous (and as pretty...) as he's heard.

"What's with the gloves?" Jake asks when he arrives, finding Skrapper sporting sparring gloves. "We're going to be boxing today, is that cool? Ready to box, dude?" Skrapper asks, immediately circling and jabbing, putting the pretty boy on defense and using Jake's luscious pecs as speed bags. With calm, practiced skill Jake lets fly a blurring combination of punches that back Skrapper into the wall. Punch for punch, he matches Skrapper's offense and then some. When Skrapper lands a particularly stunning jab, Jake abruptly steps backward and drives a rocking round house kick to the shoulder of his astonished opponent. Mat wrestling, boxing, kickboxing... what the heck can't Jake Jenkins do!?

"Practice" to Skrapper isn't the same as practice to anybody else! The more skillfully Jake neutralizes his offense, the more vicious the Skrapper gets. He slams the muscle boy into the wall and pins his throat there with a forearm while driving punches into his muscled core. "What the fuck, man!" Jake snarls furiously, pounding his way free and looking at his lanky "practice partner" with new and now challenging and threatening eyes.

Few opponents have managed to get Jake's blood boiling, but leave it to Skrapper to have him in a rage within minutes. The former amateur champ takes Skrapper to the mats and unleashes a master clinic of speed, strength and skill that leaves Skrapper unable to guess where the next attack is coming from. Taking Skrapper's back and wrapping his powerful right arm across his throat, Jake applies a wickedly tight rear naked choke that makes Skrapper's eyes roll momentarily into the back of his head. "How's that feel?!" the normally unflappable Jake snaps angrily. "How do you like a taste of your own medicine!?"

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Jake Jenkins vs. Skrapper
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