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  Ray Naylor vs. Vic Madone

Ray Naylor - 5'9, 150 lbs

The rookie bridges up in Ray's fig 4 headscissors to alleviate the neck cranking pressure

Butt slapping grapple fest: Beautiful bodies entangle as the two frenetic grapplers hold nothin back

Triangle: Ray puts the mean squeeze on Vic jamming his face down into his battle bulge

Rolling into a crotch ripper leg spread, nice move for a rookie! Ray grimaces, knowing what's coming

The Rookie Faces Down His Bully

Ray Naylor's arrival at BG East has not gone unnoticed, not by fans and certainly not by prospective opponents. His sweat soaked intensity on the mats, not to mention his gorgeous ass, have earned him a second look and a lot of respect. Then again, not everyone has given up their respect so easily. A commentator on the wrestling boards, Vic Madone, has been relentless in calling out the wiry, hardcore street punk for being all flash and no substance. What initially seemed like playful trash talk has grown more heated and personal over several months. Vic's relentless disrespect slowly worked its way under Ray's skin, until the BG East rookie challenged his online harasser to put up or shut up. Turns out, Vic Madone was more than ready - and eminently capable - to put up and fight!

Vic is built, a good 15 to 20 pounds heavier than lean Ray, though both are about the same height. He boasts of having some MMA training, but then again, everyone and their grandmother claims that these days. There's no questioning his conditioning, however, with meaty, powerful pecs, broad shoulders, and a shredded six-pack with a hammerhead shark tat on his lower abdomen. Under other circumstances, "handsome" would likely be one of the first adjectives to come to mind to describe Vic. His baby blue eyes, square jaw, and hefty bulge in his tight undergear are simply beautiful. But as he faces down Ray in the new BG East mat room, "dangerous" is the only word that comes to mind.

Ray shows off his long, lean body and his bodacious bubble butt in super snug black metallic undergear. "Well, well, well, what do we got here?" Ray grins broadly at the first sight of his online bully. "All talk. All talk. Let's see if you can wrestle." They lock up briefly before Vic lifts Ray off his feet and slams him to his back, folding him up tightly and force-feeding the street punk his own knee. Yes, Vic is powerful and he can definitely wrestle!

Of course, all of Ray's opponents learn that Ray can wrestle as well. Out-muscled and instantly on the defensive, he nevertheless battles his way back inch by inch, neutralizing his opponent's surprise offense. No quarter asked; no quarter given. Every second is a test of strength as long, lingering holds are secured and countered with the type of all out intensity that Ray has built his early career on. Within 3 minutes, both wrestlers are puffing like steam engines and slick with sweat. This is intense, aggressive grappling.!

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Ray Naylor vs. Vic Madone
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The intensity is palpable! Ray has Vic all wired up in his rear choke bodyscissors combo

Ray stops the rookie's takedown advance with a top body lock

Vic Madone - 6', 170 lbs

Bow n Arrow! Legs locked, back bent and Vic's thick bicep wrapped tightly around Ray's neck

Vicious Vic tops Ray Naylor, trapping his foot while cranking a forearm across his throat

69 headscissors battle, Vic appears to be unfazed by Ray's lock even with Ray slapping his butt!

He's no rookie! Bone cracking ankle lock! This hairy hunky stud has some skills and he's not afraid

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