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  Mitch Colby vs. Rafe Sanchez  

Rafe Sanchez 6'0, 180 lbs

Rib crushing bodyscissors

Headscissor heaven

Back destroying torture rack

Forced into Mitch's crotch as he admires his giant bicep

Who Wants Whom More?

Rafe Sanchez has wrestled in some of the sexiest matches in the BG East archives. He has a lean, athletic body and smooth, shaved scalp that caught the attention of many of BG East's finest, making Rafe one of the most frequently requested opponents in our stable. One of the other wrestlers most frequently called out: big, beautiful Mitch Colby.

Just who wants whom more in this match is hard to say. Rafe is stunningly lean and strong, his incredibly brief baby blue trunks are never quite up to the challenge of covering his gorgeous ass. He's notoriously soft-spoken in most of his matches, but Mitch seems to bring out a chatty, cocky trash talker side of Rafe that makes him that much sexier. Mitch, sporting his eye-catching orange trunks that set off his golden Florida tan to perfection, is near the peak of his physical conditioning, moments away from climbing on stage for a fitness competition. He has schooled wrestlers considerably bigger than Rafe. He has tamed grapplers with twice the experience and many times over the number of victories that Rafe has managed to tally. But like so many opponents beforehim, the look in Mitch's eyes when he sees smooth, supple Rafe stretching out before the match says it all: he can't wait to get his hands on that!

They shake hands to start, but the longer big Mitch takes advantage of his size and strength, the less gentlemanly this match becomes. Rafe is deceptively strong, but with the wall of muscle bearing down on him, he gets thrown all over the mat with apparent ease. When Mitch locks on a dragon sleeper, Rafe nearly counters with an acrobatic head scissors, but he can't hold it. Mitch cinches on the sleeper that much tighter, and lovely, lean Rafe quickly taps out, cutting his losses to fight another day.

Mitch's victorious smirk and swagger may be a bit premature. Rafe shakes off the first fall and comes back that much more determined. Catching the physique star in a full nelson, he wrenches on Mitch's neck ferociously and grapevines his legs, showing off Mitch's big, bouncing bulge. Mitch manages to muscle his way free, but he's nursing his neck tenderly. "Neck okay? Need a massage?" Rafe offers. "Maybe later," Mitch defers suggestively.

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Mitch Colby vs. Rafe Sanchez
26 minutes
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