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  Mitch Colby vs. Rafe Sanchez  

Screaming in agony

Face to pit ab abuse

Tight chokehold turns him red

Pressing down with his full weight

Muscle man school boy punishment

"Ever hear of a comeback?"

It's like Mitch's inner thighs and Rafe's head are magnetic. Get them close enough, and those gargantuan legs of Mitch's simply snap down across his opponent's skull over and over again. Rafe's shaved scalp flushes dark read as he struggles to resist giving away another submission inside his opponent's vicelike grip. Seriously, it's like some newly discovered law of physics. Rafe's head plus Mitch's inner thighs equals irresistible attraction.

The first few times he finds himself trapped there, Rafe seems to take it in stride, summoning new focus to do better the next fall. But fall after fall suffering helplessly in the big man's mighty thighs starts to seriously piss him off. "You're just sliding in those every time," Mitch snickers at his unstoppable firepower. "Same fucking move every time!" Rafe snaps, as angry at his inability to counter as he is at Mitch's repeated exploitation of his weakness. Two more submissions locked up tight in those scissors make lovely Rafe irate. "Dude, you're already down 3-nothing," Mitch marvels. "And you still want more?" "Yeah, rub it in Bitch, um, I mean Mitch," Rafe sneers. "Ever hear of a comeback?"

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, apparently, because Rafe finally delivers a humiliating face-to-crotch headscissors that has Mitch choking on those baby blue balls. Finally on top, finally controlling the bigger man, Rafe flexes his biceps and crows, "You think you can handle this!? You crazy or something? Payback's a bitch, pussy!" Under an avalanche of taunts and torment, Mitch reluctantly gives away his first, and certainly not his last, submission.

Having demonstrated that even with a 25-pound weight advantage, dominant Mitch Colby can be bested, Rafe throws his body and soul into this battle with renewed vigor. They trade cocky schoolboy pins, flexing and grinding their crotches in each other's faces. Both mouthwatering bodies grow slick with sweat as the heat turns way up. The taunts grow nastier, as do the holds, climaxing with one final, smothering schoolboy pin with pumped muscles displaying the tools of total domination. Fans of long, lingering scissors are going to absolutely love this, as will the legions of Rafe Sanchez and Mitch Colby fans!

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Mitch Colby vs. Rafe Sanchez
26 minutes
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