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  Joah Bindao vs. Dylon Roberts

Joah about to sit back into a face smother folding press pin

Bulges and bottoms up in a hot head-bangin head scissors

Double sub: ab claw & head scissors

Crotch watch extravaganza! Dylon flattens and rides Joah's pretty butt

Which hold will prevail? Joah's bearhug vs Dylon's headscissors

WRESTLESHACK 17: Thighs Matters! It's the Thighs That Count!

Joah Bindao specializes in spectacular scissorholds. His steely thighs grind larger bodies than his with vise-like intensity. At one point, he shows off his strength, agility and utter determination by headscissoring Dylon Roberts while hanging aloft on the shack's crossbeam. After submitting his heavier opponent with a surfboard, he struts over his conquest, confidently popping his cut physique for the camera. Body still racked with pain, Dylon shields his neck and lower spine, trying to recover, but Joah does not delay in mounting a second assault, moving in with a full nelson that segues to a bodyscissors, rolling Dylon around the mat like a cat's toy. He can sense the kill and he's going for it!

After two submissions in a row, Dylon doubles down in a bold and ultimately successful attempt to even the score. In a thrilling turn of events, he submits Joah with a headscissors-armbar combination, proving himself to be as inventive and nimble as Bindao. Cock and ego alike swelling after a hard-earned taste of victory, success speedily goes to Dylon's head. Not as sweet and innocent as he first appears, the boy next door laughs with sadistic glee whenever he's in control. At one point, he snags Joah in a standing headscissors, forcing his smaller opponent to carry him while his thighs crush the man's head in midair, a bravura move that's meant to prove him Bindao's equal. Then he drags Joah down to the mat for a punishing round of belly bashing gut punches.

Despite Dylon's attempts to weaken him with body blows, Joah muscles his way again to dominance with a strong right-handed punch that takes the wind out of the cute Canadian. Joah latches onto Dylon's head like an anaconda. The more Dylon thrashes and coughs, the more like doomed and helpless prey he looks. How many times can Roberts and Bindao snatch victory from the jaws (or thighs) of defeat? This match takes the measure of both these men, combining mat skills and acrobatic flourishes with streetfighter-level intensity. Tensions rise as strenuous and heated tangling turns athletic rivalry into something personal. Shot dramatically with natural available lighting, BG East's Wrestleshack 17 offers old-school roughhouse intensified by compactness of setting. And these two guys are a match made by the wrestling gods - a sexy study in contrasts yet evenly matched and equally driven. Extraordinary bodies, exceptionally big battles bulges!

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Dylon trapped and in deep trouble: Joah's bodyscissor & chancery

Double scissors challenge: Dylon squeezes Joah's ribs; Joah's got Dylon trapped between his quads

Neck snapping nelson

Backbreaking camel clutch

Knee in the back surfboard

Ass grabbing bodyscissors: Agile Joah climbs the walls to press his advantage of sexy Dylon Roberts

Trying to dislocate Joah's big arms

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