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  Brad Barnes vs. Tatum Riggs

Rookie Tatum Riggs - 6'3, 240

A mountain of muscle on display in a cranking, single-leg boston

Sweaty, battered, sexy muscle ab-stretched out as Tatum presses his advantage over Brad Barnes

Stretched out mercilessly across Tatum's unforgiving knee, Brad's screams echo in the BGE arena

Brad's pouch dangles as new hunkbasher Tatum wrecks his back in a fully-seated Boston

Tough as Nails; or, White Doesn't Necessarily Mean Nice!

Let's sing the praises of burly men and husky boys! These guys are the solid core of North American pro wrestling, with brawny necks as thick as their skulls, shoulders like the crowns of admiralty anchors, and thighs you could crush coconuts between. These are the men who put the grunts and groans into catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Tattooed, ruddy, their cropped hair making their heads look like cannonballs, they are the juggernauts of the fight world, and the inspiration for many of our most cherished fantasies.

Watching studly newcomer Tatum roll his thick shoulders while waiting on his opponent, you know you're in for a treat before that ring bell even sounds. He stretches the seams of his classic, perfectly form-fitting white trunks and it's a stunning sight. White trunks, maybe, but this big stud has "no nonsense" written all over his handsome face. When he bounces from boot to boot, there's no give in his body. It's as if his whole physique has been molded out of the stuff from which bowling balls are made!

Then Brad Barnes struts to the ring. Having demonstrated his "wow factor" in his debut match against Chace LaChance in Pec Bash 2, Barnes is now a hot commodity at BG East. Fans love him. The other wrestlers? Not so much. They just want to get their hands on him. The man is strong and aggressive, with a hair-trigger temper that Chace got a good taste of in their pairing. He is the picture of muscular definition. Check out that chest, that back, those glutes. BB is the total package - and don't he know it!

He mounts the ring apron, and Tatum steps up to meet him, nose to nose. Contemptuously the new guy, taller by a few inches, heavier by more than a few pounds, shoves Brad back to the ring room floor, not once but twice! If Tatum wanted to light a fire under Brad, he gets what he was asking for. Brad torpedoes Tatum's midsection through the ropes and attempts to brain him against the turnbuckle. But Tatum knows his way around a knockdown drag-out fight, and he heaves Brad up into the air and slams his back to the mat. This hunkbash is on, and the party's just getting started!

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Brad Barnes vs. Tatum Riggs
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Brad Barnes gets his back and neck stretched to the breaking point over the top ring ropes

Brad takes charge spreading the bigger, meaner and sweaty bully in a groin-stretching banana split

Brad Barnes - 5'8, 200

Muscle-stud gets his abs tested and trampled under the heavy boot of the new BG crusher

The new bad boy is on a roll as he digs deep into the chiseled upper abs of Brad Barnes

Superior mass and power on display as Brad is paraded around the ring on Tatum's broad shoulders

Brad's in big trouble! Big rookie wrecks the tatted hunk around a ringpost in a crushing bear hug

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