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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Z-Man

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 165

Jonny's ab stretch variation has never looked so hot! Z-Man's muscles straining and failing

Wailing away on those rippling abs; It ain't called Hunkbash for nothin'!!

Jonny takes a moment to admire himself as his thick crushing quads brutalize Z-man's skull

Z-man's dilemma! Will the sultry super-stud submit to Jonny or will he have his neck snapped?!

"Z-Man's Where It's At!"

What happens when BG East's most recent resident arch heel faces off against the last word in babyface hunkdom (or its last letter, anyway)? Z-Man has legions of fans and one of the highest profiles in all of underground wrestling. And not surprising: He's got the hair, he's got the smile, the abs, the pecs, and triceps that light up message boards all over the Internet. He is the "full package," as he would be first to tell you.

Firestorm, by contrast, is one of the most feared and dreaded bad boys in all of wrestling. His record as a destroyer of men is unmatched in both the number of challengers of which he's remorselessly disposed and the viciousness with which he messes pretty boys up. For Jonny, his bad reputation is a badge of honor. "I feel bad for this poor sucker," he quips, almost sincerely, popping his biceps while waiting for Z's entrance. As soon as Z-Man arrives, you sense the tension in the room. This is a match both they and their fans have ranked at the top of their wish lists for years. With Z and Jonny in the same ring, you can expect volumes of highly combustible ego to explode all over your video screen. Grab your squeegee and hazmat suits, gentlemen, and sit back and enjoy the ride!

At first Jonny butters Z-Man up, claiming to be a "huge fan." With arrogant disregard, the former Playgirl model informs him that he's not giving out autographs today. Distracted by the mirror, Zack narrowly evades Jonny's sneak attack from the rear. Unexpectedly Z strikes back full force and quickly lets the heel know that he's not the sucker Jonny made him out to be. He heaves his attacker high overhead in a gorilla press, then drops him hard on the mat. Jonny scurries under the bottom rope to escape the ring and Z-Man's smoldering wrath. He signals for a time out, not even a minute into the first round. Z-Man's having none of it. He grabs Jonny by the head and bashes it to the turnbuckle. He tries for a second smack, but Jonny blocks the attempt and smashes Z's handsome face to the corner ropes. The fight is on, and all bets are off. Z-Man stomps Jonny into a corner. "You better recognize Z-Man's where it's at!" he says, right before planting his knee into the bad boy's gut. For once, Jonny has run into a wrestler who thinks "Hunkbash" means it's the hunk who gets to do the bashing!

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Heel of the Year in action as he smothers the Playgirl model, robbing him of sweet oxygen

"This is the last time you'll be looking this good! I'm a break every last one of those muscles!"

Z-Man - 5'10, 175

A major league basher winds up to deliver a fastball pointe blank into Pinky Z's helpless abs

2012's Heel of the Year hoisted high in Z-Man's Razor's Edge

A look of pure, unadulterated joy on Jonny's face as he wrecks model-boy Z-Man in an evil rack

Z-Man's shoulders showing considerable strain as Jonny traps him in the suspended octopus

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