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  Dev Michaels vs. Austin Cooper

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 175 lbs

Bearhug brutality: The patriotic pretty boy withers in Big Dev Michaels' massive muscled arms

OTK: Austin bulges big, his back & neck bent over Dev's powerful punishing quad

Full boston: The massive muscle monster heel is determined break the screaming pretty boy's back!

"How's that back feeling pretty boy?" The All-American stud gets a respite from the back torture

Devilish Dev and Awesome Austin

Picture perfect All-American pretty boy Austin Cooper just sticks in Dev Michaels' craw. Big Dev was holding court as the stud bouncer at a big club when he's recognized as a BG star by a major cutie and probable jobber-du-jour who's starstruck in the presence of wrestling royalty. Big Dev is about to score his plaything for the night when he casually mentions that he has a BG fight the next day. The kid ask who and before Dev can say "Cooper" the fanboy is all, "OMG! OMG!" and totally a-twitter over Austin being his "absolute favorite, he's SOOO HOT!!" and... can Dev get his autograph?! Well, if Austin wasn't already on Dev's hit-list this little ego-deflater definitely made him decide that our "Coop" needs some roughing up, and who's better for the job than muscle titan Dev Michaels?

Dev is a rather inscrutable and flinty character, who takes his job - "business", as he calls it - very seriously. To his mind, his job is to defeat and even damage - if necessary, and he always claims necessity - any wrestler ballsy enough to step into the ring with him. And at BG East, business is good! In fact, some wrestlers at BG East are starting to refer to Dev as "the BGE retirement plan." The Boss's admonition not to incapacitate any more of his stars just falls on deaf ears. Now, don't get us wrong! The Boss is the first one to appreciate a hot muscle boy beat-down but he also needs that same muscle boy in condition decent enough to face his NEXT nasty opponent!

And Austin's not the first dashing Apollo to be cleaned out from between Dev's toes at the end of the day: Bits of Patrick Donovan, Tyrell Tomsen, and Skrapper are probably still lodged between his ring toe and pinky toe. Built like a Utah rock formation, Dev is merciless in the squared circle, a terror to all who cross his path. Just take a look at the shoulders on the guy. Those shoulders do NOT have a sense of humor!

Austin cockily paces, studying himself in the mirror, brandishing an impressively flashy "World Wrestling Champion" belt which nobody remembers him winning. But let's not quibble! It looks fantastic on him, as do his Captain America trunks and silver gladiatorial wrist gauntlets. Whatever he wears, his ass looks like it belongs in the Louvre, and Dev, chuckling derisively at ringside, might just overnight those buns to Paris after he's done ripping the rest of the golden tanned babyface to shreds - and claiming that title belt!

Dev makes the international sign of "That belt belongs to ME" and leaps over the top rope into the ring, boots sounding like Thor's hammer as they hit the mat. It's a sound that gives wrestling fans a dizzy feeling of panic and elation, but Austin looks amazingly calm in the face of looming doom and destruction. He even makes the mistake of turning his back on Dev, which is kind of like deliberately cutting your finger before diving into a shark tank.

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Dev Michaels vs. Austin Cooper
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