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  Brad Rochelle vs. Kid Leopard

A provocative sight: errant errand boy Jonny Firestorm restrains a cowering and gagged Brad

Cuffed buff Brad strangled courtesy of Kid Leopard's multi-purpose (designer) necktie

The first of many sleepers to come, Brad may not want to be concious for what comes next

The Boss displays Brad's bulge, busting his back in this absolutely brutal boston variation

Leopard's infamous sleeper hold "The Kiss of Death" knocks mighty Brad down to his knees, out cold!

Sweet Memories! They bring a Lump to My Throat and a Bulge to My...

It's been a long road for Brad Rochelle, and The Boss is all too happy to remind him of every bump and bruise along the way. A montage of Brad's greatest beatings plays before Kid Leopard's (and our) eyes, and The Boss just can't help but smile in sublime satisfaction as he remembers every match he's been able to force Brad to endure ever since that fateful day when the dreaded contract was first signed.

Brad, however, at long last has finally had enough. Rising ominously to his feet while still shackled he stares down The Boss with absolute defiance in his eyes. Brad accuses Kid Leopard of always having feared him, recalling that he's won every match that wasn't rigged against him. A great wrestler, now and always, Brad Rochelle will not be kept down. However, Brad also inadvertently reminds Kid Leopard of that rather chaotic and extensive period when Brad took advantage of The Boss' lengthy absence (and Jonny's naivete) to book his own 'Contract' matches and to dominate many of the Boss's favorite talents!

The smile not merely gone from the Leopard's face, but replaced with an angry and even fearful glare, The Boss takes hold of Brad, first by the throat, and then by the balls! Kid Leopard has had enough of this upstart's mouth and attitude, and plans to knock the superstar down a few pegs, adding some seasoned vengeance into the bargain. Before Brad's balls will be spared, and as a negotiating condition to being uncuffed, Brad's going to have to show what The Boss considers to be a suitable sign of respect and deference - namely kissing His Eminence The Leopard Majesty's royal belt buckle!

And, as we might have suspected, even this appeasement won't be enough for Brad to escape additional punishment. The Boss has plans for his contractually obligated punching bag, and the Leopard is no fool. Before he even considers uncuffing the contender Rochelle, he knocks the star out with an expertly applied sleeper hold - with an assist from his garroting necktie! Cuffed and out cold, Brad's a prisoner of the ring ropes.

True to his word, The Boss finally uncuffs the unconscious Brad, only to chain him again in the corner. At the mercy of the merciless Kid Leopard, Brad is subjected to a brutal bashing of his pecs and abs, followed by vicious clawholds and chokes. In the corner, then tossed out of the ring and tied up in the ropes, Brad is beaten and pounded from every angle, before being dragged back through the ropes for some of Leopard's even more practiced maneuvers. "Just me and you, Brad, together again!", The Boss crows in sarcastic triumph. The day of the long-awaited one on one has finally, finally arrived.

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Brad Rochelle vs. Kid Leopard
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Throat and balls: Brad gasps for air as The Boss threatens to steal a lot more than his breath

Kiss my... crown: Brad relents and debases himself for a promised moment of mercy

Kid Leopard relishes the sight of a strong man whimpering and squirming in his holds

With Brad battered, beaten and wedgied bare-assed, The Boss in triumph tramples him underfoot

The moment of catharsis when Brad begins to pay back the Leopard for all the years of torment

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