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  Blue Lightning vs. Red Rocket

Blue Lightning hoists a big bulging Red Rocket up into a very low crotch-framing bearhug

Blue Lightning bridges in an attempt to escape Red Rocket's head scissors

With Red Rocket racked in pain, Lightning strips off his tights

Lightning strikes! Trapezius claw

Stripped! Blue Lightning exults as he holds Red Rocket's mask aloft -a bulging muscle man is exposed

Bolt Out of the Blue

Blue Lightning almost effortlessly controls Red Rocket, focusing his attention on the red-clad hero's shoulders, neck and abs. He clamps a near-paralyzing full nelson on his adversary, repeatedly pressing the studly masked man into the ropes to grind and show off his massive and very prominent bulge on and over the middle rope. But Red escapes by bashing his assailant's spine to the ring corner and then mule-kicking him in the ribs. Ouch! Things may not run as smoothly for the rudo in blue as he had hoped!

You cross a dangerous line fraught with peril when you attack another fighter's manhood, a line which reads: Warning! You are now fair game now yourself! Once the groin is assaulted you open a pandora's box full of potential retributions! A snapmare and headscissors force Lightning to submit, especially after Red Rocket pinches the bulge at Blue Boy's crotch between his heels(!), an unexpected but highly welcome touch of mean-as-a-skunk sadism. Lightning clutches his throbbing jewels while the handsome tecnico strikes bicep poses over his head. When Red Rocket adds insult to injury by actually treading on him with his boots, Blue Lightning grabs the babyface (babymask?) by the feet, drags him down to the canvas, and demolishes him with elbow drops, stiff punches, and a nerve-frying claw hold on the trapezius muscle. The battle is on!

Blue Lightning's legendary claw holds are said to feel like high-voltage bolts zapping the full length of the victim's body. Lightning's rage knows no limits, and the ring action turns electric as the two masked men slug it out at the ring corner, climaxing with a lengthy and deliciously agonizing abdominal claw hold in the center of the ring. Not convinced that the crimson crusader has writhed and thrashed enough, Blue Lightning clings to the top rope while digging his boot heel into his opponent's stomach and chest. Then yet another shoulder claw, and then, most amazing of all, Lightning lifts Red Rocket off his feet with a double stomach claw - from behind! - forcing a stunning submission.

Can Lightning strike twice? At BG East it can and usually does. In a hair-raising finish, one masked wrestler gets stripped of his mask and his tights and forced to submit in an excruciating and absolutely exquisite bear-hug which showcases Rocket's phenomenal butt cheeks. Don't be surprised to find the outline of a shaft of Lightning on your briefs before the end of this battle of super-heroic proportions! For fans of masks and tights and thongs, big bulges on ample display and eye-popping bearhugs, this match is pure magic.

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Revealed! The risk of the mask!

Lightning admires his trophy

With his bulge resting precariously on the middle rope, Red Rocket is trapped by Lightning

Muscles bulging in high relief, Red Rocket is punished over Blue's knee

Payback! Red Rocket tramples on Blue Lightning's bolt!

Stripped of his mask & his power?

Not content with the humiliating revelation, Lightning forces Red Rocket to suck on his own mask!

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