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  Gold Shaft vs. Glacier Blue

Glacier Blue - 5'10", 175

Golden headscissors & crotch claw

Bully boy pin: Gold plants his shaft right on Glacier's gob

Kiss this! Gold Shaft makes an impression on Glacier

Glacier tries to fight off a tight folding press pin with a pec claw on Gold Shaft

Masked Heat

Can you feel the heat? We usually think of masked wrestling as a ring spectacle, deriving from revered, very stylized, quasi-mystical traditions of ring combat in Mexico and, from there, Japan. But in this match, BG East drops some extra kink into the mix as hairy-chested and statuesque Glacier Blue squares off against twinky-smooth Gold Shaft in the Florida sun room. The result is a steamy homoerotic mat match that draws as much from rough S&M foreplay as from the drama and symbolism of a mask-stakes battle in old-school lucha libre. This masked match is hot and horny, sensual and sexy and about as close as you can get to an X-Fight without stripping off your trunks.

The contestants' names and masks may be new to you, but they have wrestled before, including on camera here at BG East. So you may well experience a sense of deja-vu familiarity. Many wrestlers, including BGE boys, love the opportunity to become someone else, to assume a new persona, a new style and new freedom the anonymity of the mystical mask provides. There's also the thrill and threat of exposure to add to the excitement. The sun room temperature seemed to rise ten degrees when we told the guys we wanted them to compete not only to unmask their opponent but also to decide who was the bottom and who the top. This ratcheted up the already considerable heat-generating between these two masked studs even higher!

And so sex is definitely in the air as Gold Shaft and Glacier Blue circle one another and size each other up through the eyeholes in their masks. Gold Shaft is the smaller of the two, compactly but fitly built, with a treasure trail dangling from his navel and disappearing at the waistband of his tight, skimpy, perfectly form-fitting and very fully packed metallic gold trunks. Glacier Blue's rugged, lightly hairy body looms over Gold Shaft, masterfully poised, clearly confident of the ultimate victory and sexual domination, brimming with testosterone-fueled daddy-vibrations, and sporting well his very well-packed, pouch-prominent bulge in those sexy, mask-matching underbriefs.

It's a smoldering staring contest at the center of the mat, chest bumping up against chest, shoulders back, teeth gritted, bulge bumping bulge, both masked men braced for collision. It's one of those opening confrontations where little is said or done, where little is needed to be said or done to establish the scene and build some intense heat, between the two wrestlers as well as building some heat among those if us watching!

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Gold Shaft vs. Glacier Blue
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