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  Blue Lightning vs. Red Rocket

Blue Lightning 5'7, 175 lbs

Blue Lightning hoists Red Rocket up into a suspended double ab claw

Stripped of his tights and down to a thong Red Rocket's bulge hangs heavy in Lightning's crab

Lightning attacks Red's mask

Red Rocket's perfect glutes on full display as Blue Lightning hoists him high in his bearhug

Blue Lightning Strikes Back!

Hands belonging to an unseen agent open an antique wooden chest. Inside we find articles of ring attire, which the hands carefully remove: blue tights, blue boots, and a blue mask. The ritual piques our interest and our curiosity. For many wrestlers and for many wrestling fans the selection of gear - as well as the style, cut, color, fabric and feel of the gear itself - has a whole special significance, as important as the choice of venue and for some even as important as the outcome of the match itself.

Next we see the unidentified agent, face obscured from our view, donning the gear and assuming the identity of fabled BG East masked wrestler Blue Lightning, a figure steeped in mystery, legend, and just perhaps, if you believe such things, magical power. He has haunted the BGE ring before in the Superhero Heel series, bringing doom to golden boy Troy Baker and facing his own at the hands of the sinister Black Spider, who bared the masked wrestler's face and ass ... thus destroying the legend forever ... or did he?

Cut to the BG East ring. Red Rocket is an equally magnificent sight to behold: sleek red tights, black boots, and a red mask that covers his entire head, with the traditional lucha trim (antifaz) in yellow, accentuating eyes, nose, and mouth. His torso is golden and sharply defined, as splendidly proportioned and as muscular as any comic-book hero's. He's fire and fury personified, coiled tight like a spring and ready to ignite. His bangin' body and beautiful butt would be right at home at a swim meet or on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel. Red Rocket prepares, stretching his lithe muscles when Blue Lightning wordlessly creeps into the ring and gives notice that the handsome hero in red is soon to bite the dust. Rocket looks undaunted. Then, all of a sudden, Lightning strikes!

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Blue Lightning vs. Red Rocket
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Blue Lightning is trouble as Red Rocket works a combination legsplit, headscissors and pin!

Backbreaker and gut claw on Rocket!

Red Rocket 5'5, 140 lbs

Blue Lightning digs deep into Red Rocket's rack

Rocket goes for a full nelson

Bulging Rocket nelsoned

His tights peeled off, Red Rocket falls victim to Blue Lightning's boston crab

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