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  Aryx Quinn vs. Muscle Mask

Aryx Quinn - 5'9", 170

What the fuck are you doing???

Trunks pulled, abs pummeled

Elbow drop to the tree of woe

Muscle Mask suffers in a special surfboard variation devised by The Boss especially for Aryx

Call PETA! Aryx Quinn Skins Another Jobber!

Hotheaded Aryx Quinn catches Muscle Mask going through his stuff, even trying on Quinn's iconic leather jacket for size. Uh oh - this is NOT going to go down well in Aryx Land! No way this is going to end without a fight! Aryx's volatile nature, short fuse and subsequent pugnacity are as legendary as his smooth, honey-hued physique. This guy will fight you for having a cheap haircut, much less for pawing his precious satiny ring gear.

Folks say Aryx wins matches mostly with his mouth, having one of the fastest minds and the biggest insult phrasebook in the business. Other folks say 90% of Aryx's victories hang on his ability to wage war on his opponent's psyche well before the first knee hits the first ball-sack. Both theories are true as far as they go, but it's also true that Aryx has a deep vein of mean to mine, and he never runs out of nasty, which he serves up in Costco-size value packs. And nothing gets Aryx's carefully selected panties in a twist like literally twisting the man's carefully selected panties.

Even outweighing Aryx by about 30 pounds, Muscle Mask is shitting in his silks as Aryx blasts him out for daring to poke around in his drawers. In a flash Aryx is pounding the bodybuilder down to his hands and knees, stripping off his prized, precious leather jacket, and choking the masked muscle hunk with it. He backs the big man to the ring post and tommy-guns the guy's abs with his bare knuckles. "Don't you ever ... ever disrespect me ... wearing my shit ... touching my shit! Nobody touches my shit! NOBODY!", Aryx explodes. Tearing the jacket away from the cowering masked man, Aryx tells him it's not made of leather. It's made from the skins of little jobbers who dared to stick their noses into Aryx Quinn's business. And, holy hell, by now we are all ready to believe him!

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Aryx Quinn vs. Muscle Mask
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