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  Aryx Quinn vs. Muscle Mask

Kiss It, you fuckin' Muscle head!

With Muscle Mask trapped in the tree of woe, Aryx pounds away at his ripped abs

You're pathetic! Get up, you pussy ass piece of jobber shit!

With Muscle Mask trapped tightly between his legs, Aryx prepares to punish the hunk's abs

Aryx rides his victim with total confidence, domination and humiliation

"110% Natural Nitroglycerin!"

"You're all show, and no go!" is how Aryx Quinn sums up the thick, well-carved muscle mass that Muscle Mask sports. Aryx has more go in his left nut than the Muscle Mask has in his entire posedown-ready body - according to Aryx, that is. He taunts the big lug with the charge that only for a fleeting fraction of a second did Aryx ever consider the possibility that Muscle Mask might kick his ass. He's not the least bit daunted by the size differential.

Aryx tucks a prize pair of his yellow trunks into his right boot, telling his big, blubbering opponent that they're all his to win and own... IF he's got game enough to wrest them away from him. "If you had any sense, kiddo," Aryx rails, "you never would've stepped into the BG Arena, let alone rifled through my personal property - you fuckin' pervert!!" Then he proceeds to blast away at every inch of muscle he can get his hands on. You've never seen USDA prime beef turn to milquetoast so fast. He pounds, pummels, punishes and repeatedly humiliates the muscle stud with total confidence and supreme arrogance. Aryx calls himself "110% natural nitroglycerin" for good reason!

Lithe, slippery Aryx has taken on the big boys here at BG East before, guys like Denny Cartier, Eddy Rey, Donnie Drake, Mitch Colby, and Tyrell Tomsen. Aryx doesn't always triumph, but when he leaves the ring, the other guy always knows he's been in a fight, all right. Aryx does not go down easily. So distinctive a performer is Aryx Quinn that The Boss himself, Kid Leopard, tailor-made a finishing hold expressly for him, a sexy and lethal submission hold that's reportedly impossible to escape, spelling certain doom for whoever finds himself caught in it ... 110% effective, 100% of the time!

Aryx employs several such KL invented finishers in this match, as well as improvising a few of his own invention, working over all that delicious beefy muscle on his masked opponent. While torturing Musclemask in his Quinn Lock leg hold, he strips the hunk of his boot and then covers his face with it like an oxygen mask! Like him or loathe him, there are few wrestlers as entertaining - and certainly no one as arrogant - as Aryx Quinn.

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Muscle Mask splattered on the mat

The Quinnlock tightly applied, Aryx tugs at Muscle Mask's boot laces

Aryx squeezes Muscle Mask in a rib-crushing cross body scissors

Aryx clamps on his hangman hold

Aryx continues his verbal attack

MM strapped into the Aryx rack

Look in the mirror, muscle boy, and check out the jobber bitch!

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