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  Billy Lodi vs. Jake Ryder

The dangerously devious studs trade taunting smirks as they square off and lock up on their knees

Jake presses the advantage of his powerful legs, squeezing them around little Lodi's midsection

A pinned Lodi retaliates with a scissor on his opponent, their bulges hovering dangerously close

Lodi suffers and fades in an up close and personal Kiss of Death with Jake straddling his torso

A bulging Lodi covers his face in shame while Jake flexes his superior muscled bod and beautiful ass

Skillful Submissions and Passionate Ploys

Billy's experience shows as he presses his advantage. Jake lingers a little too long on those eyes and gets a stiff shot to the abs, knocking him on his ass. Billy smiles and stops his assault just long enough to relieve Jake of his shorts, unveiling white briefs and those long, muscular thighs that have made other men gasp in pain and moan in passion. Even when Jake grabs ahold of Billy, repaying the earlier headlock, the twink surprises yet again by lifting the bigger man clear off the mat for a hard slam. All the retaliation Jake can muster is to strip Billy down to his bright yellow briefs, the punk just smiling at the effort.

Jake's desperate now. He charges the punk only to discover Billy's slender thighs locked around his torso. His laugh is cut short with a grunt of pain as Billy' legs clamp down hard in a bodyscisssors from which Jake can't help but cry out. Unable to outwrestle the punk Jake hopes to distract Billy, his hands playing over the lean torso beneath him, fingers closing on Lodi's nipples. Billy's having none of it as another flex of his thighs puts a stop to Jake's fleeting fondling, his once confident opponent contracting in pain.

Jake tries to gather his strength, dragging himself up Billy's body, his head still hanging low, lips brushing against Lodi's chest before their eyes meet again. As their faces draw closer, nearly touching again, Billy looks the confident one. Secure in his dominant position, he fails to notice Jake's arms until it's too late. For all his impressive grappling skill, Billy may finally have fallen for Jake's charm as he struggles locked in a kiss of death. A familiar smile spreads across Jake's face, the look he gets when he feels his opponent's struggling in his grip, the pleasure that power gives him evident in his eyes. Still fixed on Billy's eyes as he feels the young man struggling under him, that firm body pressed against his own. He commands his victim to submit, and feels a reluctant palm slapped against his side.

But this match is far from over, and the atmosphere only grows more heated from here. Both men bring full nelsons, camel clutches, gut punches, claws, leg splits, and an overabundance of scissors to the fight. Submissions are traded, bodies are twisted, displayed, and toyed with for the amusement of each wrestler in turn, and, through it all, the lust in each man's eyes only grows. Exhaustive, successive submissions and pins decide the winner, who finally takes what he wants in a long overdue liplock finale. The Wrestleshack never fails to bring out the erotic in its fighters - and this is no exception!

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Billy Lodi vs. Jake Ryder
22 minutes

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Jake's forceful scissor on Lodi's ribs makes his defined quads stand out in high relief

Little Lodi's hands stroke Jake's muscled glutes as Jake mounts the fallen, seductive studboy

Jake gets schoolboyed by the smaller stud, grinning into the bulge thrust into his face

Lodi crosses the line from sexual wrestling to torture often, clawing Jake's sizable package

Jake grins, squeezing Lodi's skull with a lean, bulging bicep, forcing Billy to taste his pecs

Jake pulls Lodi's face into his throbbing, white rod, forcing him to inhale in a humiliating facepin

Passions burn hot and raw in BG's Wrestleshack causing Lodi and Ryder to share a liplock

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