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  Morgan Cruise vs. Len Harder*

Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 175 lbs.

Len is bulging (read: BULGING) as he is forced to pay homage to the Mastodon's massive bicep

Morgan clutches Len at both ends, controlling his package and contorting his spine in the rack

Len's eyes close, his face burns red with humiliation when he's forced to smell and taste his own ge

Morgan sets up a dragon sleeper as Len's steel-hard cock threatens to pop the stitches on his gear

"I'm Gonna Tear You Down..."

Len Harder may have taken his licks before, receiving beatdowns from such legends as Kid Karisma and even the infamous Kid Vicious, but agreeing to a match with Morgan Cruise has got to make you wonder if he isn't just a greedy, little glutton for punishment! Cruise has made a career of not just dominating his opponents, or more appropriately "victims" in some cases, but destroying them. He's left powerful competitors quivering wrecks on the mats. "The Mastodon", "Perfection", whatever you call him, don't get on his bad side, he'll do enough harm as is. Let's just hope lean Len knows what the hell he's doing!

Cruise certainly seems to think he knows what Len is after, flexing from the word, "Go", musing on the sweat he'll work up while destroying his latest practice dummy. Len is unfazed at first, even a slap in the face fails to rile him up, but when he's suddenly whipped into a skull-crushing headlock, he starts to realize he may very well be in over his head. Cruise takes his time cranking the hold over and over, promising not to break Len in half during the remainder of their match. Finally, unable to budge, Len offers up the only resistance he can, muttering a defiant "Fuck you" with his face buried in Cruise's hairy pecs.

The Mastodon doesn't take kindly to such disrespect. This is just the type of provocation - or excuse - he needs to amplify the punishments. The smile gone from his face, he tosses Len to the mat, the lean wrestler barely able to stand with his brains rattled and all the blood squeezed out of his head. Before he can even take a breath he's mounted by the muscled wrestling machine, feeling a stiff fist on his abs as Cruise selects his next target. Len's body pays the price for his defiant attitude, first with a series of gut shots, then a brutal bodyscissors courtesy of those tree trunk-like legs. Next comes the verbal abuse!

Maybe if Len knew what might be coming next he could hope to endure it, but Cruise is a master of destruction. The holds only become more creative, and more excruciating, as the match goes on. Len's limbs are twisted and contorted, his body even hoisted off the mat to dangle in agony in a pendulum. His only break from the tortures are the moments Cruise chooses to satisfy his own ego. A defenseless Len dangles in his grip as Cruise cradles his victims head to his chest, "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Despite his pained cries, the growing bulge in Len's gear makes it look like Cruise is on to something.

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Morgan Cruise vs. Len Harder*
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"What have we here?" Cruise bellows, painfully stroking Len's long, thick, indefatigable cock

A naked Mastodon surveys the sweaty, wrecked back of his equally naked victim in a boston variation

Len Harder - 5'9, 130 lbs.

Cruise crushes crying Len with a knee, framing his rod with a hand and threatening with a fist

Len is stretched out wide, exposed, vulnerable for an ab bash in this over-the-knee backbreaker

Morgan makes Len's insistent, aching-for-release rod pay for its demanding presence

Bulges grind together in a torturous, yet insanely sexual, elevated bearhug

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