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  Billy Lodi vs. Jake Ryder

Jake Ryder - 6'0, 160 lbs.

Will the superior, studly muscle of Jake Ryder be enough to tame wild, wiry Billy Lodi?

Jake's arrestingly sculpted abs flex and pop as his catchweight opponent latches on Jake's cock

Jake rolls Billy up, salivating over his cute little ass and showing it off for our mutual enjoyment

A Kiss of Death applied by a grinning Ryder, riding Lodi's bulge as the light in his eyes blinks out

An Air of Intimate Domination

Here at BG East, nearly every venue inevitably brings out an atmosphere of intimate domination. Men pitted against each other, fighting for pride or prizes, it's no wonder so many combatants' struggles give way to more passionate overtones. More than the ring or the mats, however, the Wrestleshack seems built to bring out the erotic in its visitors. A dark, enclosed space growing warmer with each movement of its increasingly heated inhabitants, the sound of the woods outside muted, only the two opponents and their struggle can be heard. As the tide turns and one man takes control, it's not hard to imagine the thoughts that begin to cross his mind.

Jake Ryder is certainly no stranger to such thoughts. He made his BG East debut in the Wrestleshack, working up a sweat with AJ Lyle. In his most recent appearance he brought us another stunning performance, leaving Trey Dixon stripped and soaked in his very own first match. Jake knows what he's after in a match and has the proven skills to take what he wants. We first see him calmly stretching his toned muscles in preparation. Practiced movements and a look of concentration on his face, but we've seen the smile that grows wider with each struggling opponent. Already he looks prepared for another round of domination as his next potential plaything steps into the shack.

Billy Lodi may be the younger, smaller, and less muscular of the two, but he has quite a few more BG East matches under his belt than his opponent. Jake may have proven his skills in the art of erotic domination, but his conquests hardly outnumber young Billy's. From Skrapper, to Skip Vance, and even Christian Taylor right here in the Wrestleshack, these names are just a few of the men with whom Billy has inspired some spirited and passionate performances. The small, lithe twink may not always be on the winning side of a match, but he won't fall behind in spurring the most intimate of finishes. However, this is not to say that Billy takes defeat lying down, or that he can't put one over on even a considerably bigger opponent. Scrappy Lodi has fight in him and he shows it. As his slender form blocks the light of the only way in or out of the Wrestleshack, he heads straight for Jake. With a knowing smirk on his handsome face, Jake Ryder surveys his cute as fuck and sensually seductive opponent from his head to his toes with a thinly-veiled relish.

Before Ryder can even get to his feet he's yanked into a rough headlock, falling to his back with the lightweight Lodi on top as he struggles to free himself at the sudden start of this match. Billy's hungry to dominate as he goes straight to work on his larger opponent, but Jake puts that beautifully muscled bod to work as he tries to break free of the hold and turn things around. Scooting away on his knees, Jake is taken aback by this twink's aggression, but he's not backing down as he and Billy lock eyes, faces touching as they move in closer, surely only the first taste of the seductions to come.

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Billy Lodi vs. Jake Ryder
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Billy Lodi engages his seduction submission technique, wrapping his hand around Jake's thick tool

Little Lodi drags Jake to the floor of the infamous Wrestleshack in a muscle-neutralizing sleeper

Billy Lodi - 5'10, 132 lbs.

Jake's bicep bulging with a whimpering Lodi trapped in a camel, grinding their asses together

Is someone being humored? Billy giggles in Jake's ineffective bodyscissor as his nipple is tweaked

Lodi hips sway temptingly as he's locked up tight in the much bigger boy's full nelson

Ryder's muscles taking control of his twinky opponent, flexing his bicep for the boy's admiration

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