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  Gabriel Ross vs. Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor - 6'2, 175 lbs.

Long, lean, lovely Christian towers over the compact muscled form of sly, seductive Gabriel

Ross traps Taylor under his thick muscled bod shoving the mountainous mound in Christian's face

Dueling scissors: A headscissored Christian uses his long legs to ensnare Gabriel in a bodyscissor

Taylor flexes over his schoolboyed Brit challenger, planting his own eventful bulge in Ross' face

The Best of Both

Beauty comes in many forms, and in this match we see shining examples of two very differently but astonishingly beautiful young men. For BG East fans, neither probably needs any introduction but both certainly deserve them. The first to enter the Wrestleshack is Christian Taylor, a deliciously tall drink of water who could be a world-class fashion model. So strikingly slim, yet, with a taut, muscular body, albeit one that looks like it ought to be able to spread its wings and float away on the wind. Long, toned legs that seem to go on forever, supporting deeply carved abs running up a slender torso towards broad, flat pecs, and finally that stunning, almost angelic face, and a smile that lets you lose yourself in his eyes. Is it any wonder he's one of The Boss's top all-time personal favorites?

Taylor's followed closely by a figure that stands in stark contrast to the first, though no less lovely a sight to behold. Gabriel Ross is by no means a small man, but next to Christian who stands literally head and shoulders above him, Ross looks positively diminutive. When compared to Taylor's decidedly slim frame however, it becomes clear Gabriel makes up the difference in the amount of bulging, rippling muscle packed onto his built bod. Every line on his powerful body looks carved from marble. While Christian looks like he might sway in a strong wind, Gabriel likens to an unshakeable rock. A former ballet dancer, Gabriel added bulk and power to his classic form and impressive flexibility.

With stunning bodies, winning smiles and gorgeous eyes, these two men are in the best shape we've ever seen them, and they are both eager to see who's going to come out on top. This match was some time in the making, with cross-Atlantic email threats and challenges preceding a long-awaited first contact. Making short work of the pleasantries as they finally face one another on the mats, friendly jabs turn to hard shoves. Both bodies hit the mat hard almost immediately, collapsing in a tangle of limbs and muscle as the opening of this match shows us just how evenly matched these two men truly are. Christian has his long arms wrapped tight around Gabriel's head, pulling that curly blond hair in close to his smooth chest, but Ross locks his thick, powerful legs around Taylor's abs, each of them groaning with the strain of trying to free themselves.

It doesn't take long for this stalemate to be broken as meaty muscle wins out over lanky leverage, Christian slowly slipping into the trap of a rear naked choke with those bulging thighs still clamped and pulsing around his taut torso. He struggles and suffers sublimely, moaning with each twist of the powerfully compact body bearing down around him, his hands pushing desperately on the legs that threaten to break him in half, and all the while Gabriel just smiles and flexes those beautiful muscles, nuzzling the neck of the tall beauty.

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Gabriel Ross vs. Christian Taylor
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Eroticism spills over in the shack as Ross mounts Taylor, engaging an enticing liplock

Christian slithers seductively between Gabriel's spread thighs as their lips brush sensually

Gabriel Ross - 5'4, 140 lbs.

Bostons in boston: Gabriel Ross has travelled very far to make his mark on the tall beauty

Gabriel surveys the goods, peeling down the scissored Christian's trunks to reveal his tight ass

Ross works a choke/bodyscissors combo from behind, his accented trashtalk tickling Taylor's eardrums

Kneeling, Taylor is as tall as a standing Ross, the pair locking lips as Ross tweaks Christian's nip

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