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  Kid Karisma vs. Blaine Janus

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs.

All the blood rushes to Blaine's head when Kid K inverts him a rib-crushing, reverse bearhug

Blaine takes control, folding Karisma into a pin as Kid K's bulge pulses against Janus' pecs

Karisma digs a claw into his flailing opponent's lats as he stretches him out wide on his side

KK has his fellow ginger where he wants him: kneeling with his face grinding into his zippered bulge

There Can Be Only One (Ginger)!

Canadian beauty Blaine Janus has shocked and awed more than his fair share of opponents in the BG East gazebo. Incredibly fit, with the cheekbones of a male model and a healthy appetite for pain (both giving and receiving), the handsome Canuck has proven time and again that he likes to play, and that he especially likes to play sexy and rough. Blaine relishes the challenge of finding an opponent's weakness, preferably a sensual or erotic one, and then exploiting it fully for his own prurient and sadistic pleasures. He has an innate understanding of wrestling eroticism that strums the provocative tension between combat and foreplay, typically concluding with Blaine's victorious tongue slithering down past his opponent's lips and subsequently down his throat!

There may be no one at BG East Wrestling who epitomizes the motto "Play Rough and Have Fun" better than the redoubtable Kid Karisma. The notorious party boy has made a study of crushing his opponents and then dragging their hot, beaten bodies out for a night of wild and raucous partying on the town. The two-time "Best Butt" winner and overwhelming fan favorite mixes fun and games with brutal corporal punishment in a way that leaves his opponents teetering on the edge of both agony and ecstasy simultaneously. There's a sense of inevitability about the meeting of Kid Karisma and Blaine Janus in the gazebo. It's all fun and games until just one of these party boys is left standing!

Both of these light-haired hunks are masters of mind games and very quick with a quip and so, not surprisingly, the battle commences before either hot fighter lays a hand on one another. "You're almost as pretty as me," Kid Karisma announces, flexing his ripped body provocatively for his opponent's delectation. Both hot young studs quite obviously like what they see, with Blaine sporting skin tight red square cuts and Kid Karisma rocking astonishingly brief butt-hugging black trunks with a sexy, zippered pouch.

It's that zippered pouch that Blaine clearly can't tear his eyes away from. Kid Karisma obliges the Canadian's prurient curiosity by flinging him to his back and humping into his face seductively. "That was a lot easier than I thought," Kid K smirks. "Do you like that?

"I kind of do, actually," Blaine's not shy about admitting it, his eyes remaining fixed on the massive bulge undulating before his amused and enticed eyes. "Is that supposed to hurt?"

"What, do you want me to unzip it?" Kid Karisma taunts, right up until the moment that Blaine grabs for the zipper to unleash the tantalizing monster within. They tumble across the mat, with Kid K easily outmuscling his lighter opponent and playfully torturing the Canuck's eager nipples and grinding his award-winning ass in his face. Grunts of pain intertwined with groans of pleasure provide the seductive soundtrack as these two master erotic wrestlers test each other's tolerances for both pain and pleasure.

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Kid Karisma vs. Blaine Janus
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Kid K wails, disbelief shows on his face as Blaine reverses the scissor into a boston variation

The match turning torturously sexy as Karisma pins and stretches out the Canuck, tweaking his nipple

Blaine Janus - 5'9, 150 lbs.

Both studs grunt in pain and effort with a dueling assisted bodyscissor and tight bearhug

The Karismatic One is tied up nice and tight on the gazebo mats in Janus' leg full nelson

Blaine's flattened on the mat as the muscled ginger positions his bulge for a smothering schoolboy

Blaine knows he's in danger of being put to bed in the legendary gazebo as KK sets up a sleeper

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