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  Jobe Zander vs. Peter Owens

Peter Owens 6'3", 198 lbs.

His muscular body shining with sweat, Jobe flexes his quads in a tight headscissors

Jobe charges, delivering a soccerkick to the ribs of the groveling babyface

Owens catches the Centerpiece and leaps, slamming him facefirst to the canvas

Jobe attempts a seated surfboard variation, wrenching his taller opponent's arms way back

Everybody Knows The Centerpiece

Jobe is so proud of his 'Centerpiece' -- the large bulge packing his always skimpy trunks-- that he completely identifies with the moniker. But you'd be excused for wondering why he even has to call attention to it, since it is so hard to miss in the first place! One reason might be that he uses it as both a threat, and a target for his opponents! Will they take the bait? Is he enjoying himself?

Pro wrestler Peter Owens wanted to have a shot. We last saw Peter suffering under dastardly Dick Rick (whose relation to Kid Leopard is unclear, as you'll see on Leopard's Lair 5) on BG's Bad Boys 2. Peter will try to overcome his string of losses with this arrogant heel's body - and its 'Centerpiece' - as a target! He's been training hard for this match, but he may himself become a target arriving full of bravado in his own revealingly packed blue trunks.

No one has experienced Peter's new strength yet. Jobe summarily dismisses the challenge posed by the smooth and slender pro, but Peter tries to set the stud straight with an opening side headlock that appears to decrease Jobe's hat size by half an inch. What does not appear to be diminishing is The Centerpiece, tenting the front of Jobe's banana-yellow trunks and pointing towards his challenger like a cop's nightstick. Despite Peter's daring sally, Jobe responds with a dastardly kick to Peter's balls and a stiff forearm to the back of the neck! Owens grovels at Zander's feet, exactly where this particular heel likes to keep his opponents.

"Stay down!" Jobe barks, using the sole of his boot to press his challenger facedown to the mat. Then he straddles Peter's back and starts drubbing the side of his head with his fist. Not convinced that Peter is moaning enough, Jobe delivers a vicious kick to the babyface's ribs.

No squeaky clean soft-pedaling of blows here! This is how the game is played at BG East, especially by bad-ass heels like Jobe Zander. And he's just getting started, of course. He rolls Peter over on his back and stomps his boot heel on the sternum. Nearly breathless, Peter clutches Jobe's legs and pulls himself to his knees, putting the bully's midsection in the crosshairs for a bull's-eye punch that staggers the man. A pissed-off Zander then smashes Owens back down to the mat and again commands him to stay. When Peter insubordinately insists on defending himself, Jobe sees red and thrusts him to the turnbuckle for a series of strong style jabs our microphone picks up with heart-stopping clarity. In an amazing show of fortitude and resilience, Peter grabs the front of Jobe's trunks, using his free arm to blast away at the heel's belly and reverse positions, serving up forearm smashes to Jobe's nose and chin. But can Owens's pluck stop the onslaught of The Centerpiece?

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Jobe Zander vs. Peter Owens
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Peter attempts to crawl away but Jobe stops his progress with an elbow drop to the back of his skull

Owens tries to recover on the ropes as an aching Jobe closes in

Jobe Zander 6', 190 lbs.

Owens goes airborne with a leaping legdrop to the throat of the Centerpiece

The dirty heel has no shame, strangling his hapless opponent and riding his back

The Centerpiece dangles pendulously above the mat in a back-bending Boston crab

Peter Owens brings his swagger to the ring in full effect

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