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  Kieran Dunne vs. Jaguar

Kieran Dunne 5'7", 180 lbs.

The tanned beach stud hoisted high off of the mat in a big bearhug

Jaguar whirls the buff pretty boy 'round and round' in a swinging full-nelson

Jaguar arches Dunne's aching muscular body off the mat in a suspended surfboard

Kieran confidently rides the bucking Jaguar's back with a rear-naked choke

"Who's Sexy Now, Honey?"

Kieran Dunne's got a new hairdo, and he can't keep his eyes off it. Stylishly tinted strawberry blond, it tops off his cannonball muscularity, currently squeezed into improbably teensy metallic gold trunks. Gone is the baby-faced 150-pound youngster whose red, white, and blue singlet won our hearts in Mathunks 1. Now he looks like a young pro from mid-1970s Championship Wrestling in Florida. Classic.

Even for those of us who have followed Kieran's physical transformations over the years, the new bad-ass KD comes as a shock: vain, smirking, formidable, and, from the look of things, ready to pound man-flesh into pulp. And if the name "Kieran Dunne" still makes you think "cute but doomed jobber," you need to have a talk with the last man to face him in the BG East ring, six-foot-one Aron Mobley ... that is, if you can find him, since for some reason Aron hasn't shown his face around here since that "full-tilt" fight fans still are talking about.

Kieran deliberately trips Jaguar as the wrestler enters the ring only because he came between Kieran's $100 haircut and its reflection in the mirror. Jaguar warns the primping pretty boy that he can play as dirty as the next guy. Jag too is packed in beef, with nothing about him to bring the word "pushover" to mind. The close prospect of this epic clash has some of us already wetting our pants.

A tense muscle pose down erupts into all-out war after Kieran springs a cowardly sneak attack. Jaguar catapults Kieran into the turnbuckle and heaves him up for a spectacular body slam. Locked in a full nelson, Kieran finds himself forced to view his humiliating subjugation in the mirror. After a long, hard (and eye-popping) struggle, Kieran breaks a hold, only to find himself almost immediately snared in it again. Then, as Kieran writhes on his back, Jaguar taunts him, literally stepping all over the blond bombshell. Trampling him...

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Kieran Dunne vs. Jaguar
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Jaguar uses the ropes to leverage a powerful, gut-crushing bodyscissors

A tight headlock drains the buff blond stud enabling him to be taken to the mat

Jaguar 5'7", 180 lbs.

Buffed bottle blond Kieran cranks back in a brutal back-breaking boston crab

With his thick muscular arms snaking around his opponent's, Kieran sinks in a full nelson

Jaguar snags a rope to help increase the pressure of a headscissors

The bombshell's pretty mug twisted into a mask of agony thanks to a big torture rack

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