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  Charlie Panther vs. Jaxx O'Doul

Jaxx O'Doul 6'2", 230 lbs.

Taking his opponent to the mat, Jaxx continues to work the reverse chinlock

Jaxx is bent and arched far back in Panther's determined, inverted facelock

The lights are starting to go out in the eyes of the handsome stud, as he suffers a sleeper's effect

Jaxx lies trapped on the mat, his skull getting peppered by Panther's knuckles

Signed on the Dotted Line: Explosive Action Does the Talking

Before the opening bell, Charlie and Jaxx don't speak a word. They stretch their limbs and put on their best fight faces with grim determination.

When the bell sounds, Jaxx makes a pass at the mirror, nodding appreciatively at the reflection of his classically handsome profile, and circles in on his opponent. Charlie slaps his chest and lunges for Jaxx's legs. Jaxx veers clear and sneaks in behind Charlie, grabbing him around the ribs and slamming him facedown. He hooks Panther's right hand up to his shoulder blades. Charlie escapes and reverses, pulling Jaxx into a front facelock, which he holds for just a second; then Jaxx resumes command.

You see what's going on here, right? These two sturdy guys, evenly matched, each topping six feet and 200 pounds, have been gunning for each other for months. Who said what to whom, we may never know, but something happened to make Jaxx and Charlie put each other at the top of their Ringwars wish lists. BG East wasted no time in making this contest happen. We recognize good heat when we see it.

Jaxx O'Doul and Charlie Panther take turns snapping each other into arm locks. Sharp, fast, tendon-wrenching movements imply a determination to maim the other guy and put him out of commission. BG East fans hold Charlie and Jaxx alike in high regard as journeymen wrestlers, committed to the science of pain and consistent and professional as workers in the ring. Their previous opponents have learned to respect them for their skills and fighting spirit and to be wary of their sadistic tendencies, which are never too far from the surface. Jaxx has more matches under his belt, about twice as many as Charlie. However, neither feels he has advanced in the ranks as quickly as he deserves, and for some reason each has fixed in his mind the idea that the other guy has played a role in holding him back. Skipping the usual niceties and polite hesitations that mark the beginnings of most matches, Charlie and Jaxx regard each other as mortal enemies from the outset. From the first second, these two are where most competitors are only after the second fall.

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Charlie Panther vs. Jaxx O'Doul
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Jaxx's ring expertise coming to the fore, hoisting his foe in a jap-strangle, hangman combination

Jaxx digs deep, roaring as he wrenches high and tight on a single-leg boston crab

Charlie Panther 6'1", 203 lbs.

The two big boys lock up in a wrist lock test of strength, each struggling to obtain leverage

Panther dangles helplessly as he's carried across the mat for a huge ring-quake of a slam

Jaxx goes full throttle, intent on knocking Panther clean out with a constricting cobra clutch

The big boy works a strength-sapping reverse chinlock on a fading Panther

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