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  Richie Douglas vs. Mad Mykel  

Ripped Richie Douglas- 5'8, 140 lbs

Myke looms and salivates over the fallen babyface

The insane asylum escapee bends Richie's back as he applies an inverted facelock

The lean lovely body of Richie stretched out, agonizing in a body scissors

Mad Myke lets his freak-flag fly high

Richie 's back stretches over the turnbuckle, leaving his midsection wide open

Out of the Nut House and into the Arena

Aspiring heel 'Mad Mykel' wears wrestling trunks with leather suspenders (or braces) for a lederhosen effect, and hears the imaginary cheers of his imaginary fans! All while entering the empty arena by himself. This rangy barefoot newcomer may well be the Dandy Mott of wrestling, an over-the-top combination of affected mannerisms and psychopathic tendencies. Mykel may be a prime example of what happens when permissive parents fail to set appropriate boundaries for their offspring. In his head, he's the idol of thousands crowding the stadium at Madison Square Garden. He smells the smoke of the fireworks. He hears the sideline chants. He sees the room keys and panties being tossed to him over the ropes. Though totally disconnected from reality, Mad Mykel poses a genuine threat to up-and-coming babyface Richie Douglas. He brings "crazy" to a new level.

"Ready for some action? My fans are!" Mykel manically gestures towards an unseeable point in the distance. Richie quizzically shakes his head, looking over at the lone cameraman for a suggestion about what to do with this raving lunatic. Mykel insists on making up his own rules. He tells Richie, "If I submit you, you have to let me pin you. If I pin you, you have to let me submit you." Then he spits on the palm of his hand, expecting Richie to shake on the deal. He shouts at the nonexistent ref, demanding that Richie be frisked before the match begins. When the ref unsurprisingly does nothing, Mykel insists on frisking Richie himself. He pats the smooth, lean muscle as if searching for foreign objects. Then he slams his forearm up against Richie's balls!

Mad Mykel gleefully torments his smaller opponent till Richie gets the upper hand on him. When Mykel rushes in to smash him against the corner ropes, Richie ducks out of harm's way and returns with a forearm smash to the side of the face. Then he monkey flips the nutcase to the center of the ring. "Where's your fans now?" asks Richie, seconds before submitting Mykel with an impressively executed bridging double chicken wing. After the good-looking babyface owns him with humiliating ease, Mykel has a hissy fit, punching the canvas angrily and screeching, "Now the FANS are going to be DISAPPOINTED because of YOU!" Richie doesn't wait for him to finish his tantrum. He scissors Mykel's head between his sinewy thighs, squeezing it with crushing force. Mykel rises to his feet, lifting Richie's full weight with him like some weird but incredibly sexy headpiece. Mykel shakes his attacker loose and beats him up against the turnbuckle.

This oddball contest is sure to please fans of the bizarre, but it also showcases some fine wrestling. Nelsons, scissors, snapmares, clutches, stretches, claws, locks, chokes, and a climactic sleeper give muscle to this fight. Richie Douglas is shaping up into a terrific battler, with moves as impressive as the bulge stretching the front of his clingy yellow trunks. Mad Mykel is exactly the kind of whining and delusional villain we want to see Richie kick the shit out of, if he can, but with the unheard roar of his fans spurring him on to victory, there may be no stopping the lunatic!

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Richie Douglas vs. Mad Mykel
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Myke checks his opponent for signs of consciousness

Pinned! Richie flips over his crazed opponent, bridging with a tight pin

Douglas suffers in a devastating bow-and-arrow, jap-strangle combo

A barrelling shoulder drives deep into the abs of the lean prettyboy

Douglas works a midair headscissors as his crazed foe battles to his feet

The bulging babyface earns a submission as he bridges off the mat with a double chicken wing

Newly on the loose: Mad Mykel- 6', 170 lbs

Our sentiments exactly: a bewildered babyface lets the insane newbie initiate a pre-match frisk

Mad Myke crushes his handsome opponent's ribs with a tight body scissors

Sinewy thighs frame his face as Myke piledrives his handsome victim headfirst into the mat

Myke wraps his hand around the babyface's throat...

... and strangles him over the ropes to the delight of his "fans" (a/k/a voices)

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