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  Lon Dumont vs. Biff Farrell

Biff Farrell - 5'7", 190 lbs

The rookie and the legend square off in an arm-wrestling contest

Lon turns the new beef over for a boston crab

Lon looms menacingly over the groveling and suffering Biff

A clothesline from the spunky rook drives Lon backfirst into the unforgiving turnbuckle

Big Biff's bulging biceps crush the veteran's ribs in a devastating bearhug

All American Biff on the Hoof!

When you have a hankering for massive, muscled wrestling hunks, is there anything as satisfying as Grade-A American beef? Prepare to have your hunger sated by bulging, blond beefcake Biff Farrell! His high and tight haircut, stars and stripes trunks, and luxuriant mass of thick, powerful, sculpted muscles are a profile in all-American hunk perfection. There aren't enough superlatives to convey just how stunning a specimen of mouthwatering muscle Biff is. Even Lon Dumont, normally never at a loss for words, finds himself momentarily speechless as he pulls up a stool to sit down and marvel at the sight of the remarkable rookie.

"Good lord, you are a horse! What beef in the ring right now!" Lon finally manages to articulate the awe that big Biff inspires. "I'm in the mood for some spine tingling male thrills," Lon announces, clearly convinced that this granite-carved powerhouse is just the man to make his (and your) spine tingle.

As ready as he is to admire impressive beefcake Biff's body, Lon remains convinced that his own ripped aesthetics and superior intelligence are guaranteed to overcome the obvious, raw advantage the rookie has in size. An opening arm wrestling challenge, however, proves that a quick wit is no match for Biff's gargantuan biceps.

Lon bashes the smirking beefcake in the gut with the stool. "Do you think that's in any way okay, attempting to embarrass me like that?!" He viciously digs his fingertips into the rookie's eyes. He chokes big Biff with his jacket and brings the behemoth to his knees. What Lon may lack in equivalent size, he's more than ready to make up for with years of experience delivering vile, underhanded heel moves. He quickly decides that just beating the bulging rookie is nowhere near enough. Lon announces that nothing short of forcing the dazzling rookie to flex will give the raging veteran satisfaction.

However, Biff Farrell doesn't just look spine-tinglingly hot. To Lon's shock, the rookie has moves. Out of nowhere, he defies Lon's demands to flex, and instead turns the tables. The newbie traps Lon in the corner and drives his gargantuan shoulders over and over again into the heel's gut. Lon's noggin disappears when the rookie stuffs it between his tree trunk thighs in a standing headscissors. This is no naive, flat-footed rook who uses leverage and speed to rain down crippling blows and joint-wrenching holds. Like a seasoned pro, Biff grabs hold of the momentum with two big, burly hands and doesn't let Lon go from a rib-crushing bearhug until the weeping veteran submits. Big Biff is definitely no rookie meathead!

In case you were worried that the promise of a forced-to-flex match goes unrealized, don't be. With two fantastic physiques like these, muscle fans will rejoice to see the vicious back and forth turn towards all-out muscle humiliation. The price of submission requires humbling lat spreads, demeaned double biceps, and humiliated most-muscular poses. It takes brawn and brains for one of these powerhouse competitors to leave his opponent crushed and out cold. But which magnificent muscle hunk is the one to make your spine (and other parts) tingle?

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Lon Dumont vs. Biff Farrell
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Biff gags and gasps in the corner from the heel's blatant choke

Lon crushes the fight from the built stud with a bodyscissors and demands a bicep pose

Lon forces the buff newbie to flex and wears him down with the patented kiss-of-death sleeper

Lon rides his humpy opponent down to the mat, his big arms clamped tight

All tied up with nowhere to go, Biff fights the ever-tightening muscles of Lon

Flexing valiantly, Biff withers fast in the RNC

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs

Long-locks Lonny drags the new beef over with a vicious side headlock

Biff more than proves his mettle as he snatches the bodybuilding champ up with a tight full nelson

Big buff Biff poses with a triumphant foot on the back of the fallen superstar

Biff's forced muscle pose falters and falls as the rear-naked choke does its job

The choke bites deep as Biff continues to flex obediently

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