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  Lon Dumont vs. Charlie Panther

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs

Lon's powerful quads clamp shut around Charlie's weakening ribs

Lon pours every bit of strength he has in his powerful arms into a double ab claw

Charlie drains the fight from his foe with a rear-naked choke

Charlie suspended in a rib-crushing bearhug

Charlie's trunks wedge up his ass as he's jerked from his feet in a bearhug

Don't Piss Off a Bodybuilder!

Competitive bodybuilder Lon Dumont is one of the most methodical, disciplined, focused athletes you'll ever encounter. All of that hard work earns the hot hunk dividends, both inside and outside the ring. Having just won a trophy in his latest bodybuilding competition the night before, still sporting his spray on tan, Lon indulges in his post-competition ritual of binging on pizza to cap off six months of starvation dieting.

Pro-wrestler Charlie Panther is intrigued to find the bodybuilding champ stuffing his face ringside. Convinced he deserves the trophy more than Lon, Charlie challenges the bodybuilder to a pose down. "The world wants to see who has the best muscles this arena has to offer!"

"Fans of mine have come to expect a certain look from me," Lon declines politely, "and right now, today, sure I look better than anyone else, but I'm not up to my personal standards. So, some other time." As you might have guessed, however, Charlie Panther doesn't take "no" for an answer. Bashing the bodybuilder with his own trophy, Charlie launches a brutal assault on the carb-drunk physique star. Ripping off Lon's top, he insists on giving the fans the side-by-side muscle comparison he knows you're craving. "That's what you get when you don't give the Big Cat what he wants," Charlie sneers, stomping Lon in the gut. "The people want to see your body next to my body!"

Starvation dieting leaves even premiere athletes like Lon with depleted reserves and a short fuse. He sucks down an avalanche of domineering abuse from his skilled opponent, growing angrier by the second. Suffering helplessly in a chinlock, back wound around Charlie's knee, Lon's championship musculature is on beautiful display. The normally dominant heel is clearly sluggish, caught off his game and entirely out-of-sorts. Charlie exploits the moment with relish, bullying and brutalizing Lon long and hard. Lon's chiseled torso is stretched out vulnerably when his opponent crushes his skull in smothering headscissors. "Those washboard abs aren't doing you any good now, are they, champ?" he smirks, pounding fists into the bodybuilder's ripped muscles.

Lest you count out Lon Dumont too soon, rest assured that all of those lauded muscles are good for a lot more than just winning bodybuilding trophies. When Lon's years of indy pro-wrestling experience kick in, along with the rush of cheap carbs finally flushing his depleted muscles with renewed energy, he turns this bodybuilder squash into a highly competitive, low-down, heel-versus-heel battle of the bad boys. The dangerous wrestlers both choke out submissions, but only one can chain together a furious barrage of crippling submission holds that absolutely crush his opponent in body and soul. Coming between a post-competition bodybuilder and his pizza may be a stroke of genius or the biggest mistake of Charlie Panther's career. One way or the other, only one rock hard hunk manages to shut his notoriously trash-talking opponent up for good and walk away from the ring with that trophy in hand.

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Lon Dumont vs. Charlie Panther
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Panther lets out a roar as he wrecks the bodybuilder's shoulder

Lon struggles in a head scissors, arching his striated body off the mat

Panther in a world of pain in a picture-perfect abstretch

Lon seeks to tranquilize Panther with a grounded bodyscissors, rear-naked choke combo

The muscle-popping physique crushes Panther's ribs in a bodyscissors

Lon bends Charlie's elbow to devastating effect in the armbar

Charlie Panther - 6'1, 208 lbs

Panther goes for the jugular only to find himself trapped in a tight triangle choke

Lon foils a kneeling surfboard by taking a swipe at his opponent's eyes

Panther traps the cocky challenger in the turnbuckle with a boot choke

Lon stretches out his foe with a cranking, camel clutch variation

Panther's world gets rocked as he takes a knee to the skull

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