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  Lon Dumont vs. Pete Sharp

Pete Sharp - 6'2, 172 lbs Fan-Voted 'Best Bulge' Winner of 2014

Lon sadistically tears into Pete's pretty pecs

Lon taunts the handsome, rope-bound centerfold

Lon works a chinlock on Pete as he keeps him tied in the ring ropes

Pete sags, dazed, driven facefirst into the corner turnbuckle

Sharp out on his feet as he's set up for a match-ending finisher

Lon's Short "Sharp Shock"

Pete Sharp began impressing fans and opponents alike the moment he first arrived on the scene at BG East. His magnificent muscle definition, flawlessly bronzed skin, and piercing ice-blue eyes have won him an army of fans, but it's a different, impossible-to-miss, stunningly prominent attribute that won the blond bombshell the vote for BG East's "Best Bulge of 2014". With buzz like that, it's little wonder that he caught the attention of competitive bodybuilder and seasoned pro-wrestling heel Lon Dumont. Lon even offered pretty Pete an introduction to indy pro-wrestling as Lon's very own tag team partner. Apparently, that didn't go so well.

"You may look like a million bucks," the bitter heel snarls, "but you've got a 10 cent brain." Lon sets out to start completely over with the popular rookie's training, treating Pete to a remedial lesson in pro-wrestling 101. "I'm going to show you how to lock up. It's called collar-and-elbow," Lon lectures condescendingly, grabbing hold of the dazzling blond beauty. In a flash, the seasoned veteran snaps on a side headlock and congratulates himself. Perhaps a moment too soon. Pete hoists the smaller man up into the air and daintily deposits lightweight Lon on a top turnbuckle, mussing the veteran's hair playfully while wearing a cocky grin.

His dignity bruised, Lon flies into a rage. Grabbing hold of powerful Pete's wrist, he tries to whip the big man across the ring, but he literally cannot move the mountain of muscle. Pete reverses, viciously driving Lon's lower back into the turnbuckle and dropping him to his knees. Lon simply cannot fathom that a "brainless," oh-so-beautiful rookie can be manhandling him like this. "Try to do that again," Lon dares. Pete does, and when Lon comes violently bouncing off the turnbuckle, the Best Bulge winner snaps his lightweight opponent up off his feet in a breath-stealing, belly-to-belly bearhug. He flings the hapless heel about like rag doll, promising to snap his ribs if he doesn't submit. Sure enough, Lon submits, and quickly finds himself flung to the mat to stare up at the magnificent muscleman flexing over top of him. "You look pretty 'smart' there on the ground now," Pete taunts.

"Did I say you were dumb? I didn't mean that," Lon grunts as he climbs to his hands and knees and lands a sickening right hook to Pete's award-winning package. "I didn't mean dumb. Asinine, perhaps. Idiotic, maybe. A very, very bad listener!" Pretty Pete gets the full treatment from the dastardly heel. Lon rakes those baby blue eyes relentlessly with his fingers, the ring ropes, and his boot laces. Powerful Pete looks like Prometheus bound, suffering in anguish with his phenomenal physique tied up tight in the ring ropes. The bronzed-god's proportionally perfect pecs draw the most bitter ire, as Lon digs his fingers up to the knuckle clawing and ripping at Pete's illustrated chest. Mounted on the battered beauty in a cocky schoolboy pin, Lon slaps down taunts and scorn until suddenly Pete hooks his legs under Lon's arms, rolls him to his back and slaps down an astonishing 3-count pinfall!

Beauty, brawn, and savvy presence of mind in the ring? Pete's superhuman proportions are certainly not the only attributes making him a serious contender in the BG East ring. The only question left is whether Lon Dumont is truly smart enough, strong enough, and experienced enough to back up that endless stream of trash talk to dig himself out of the deep, humbling hole that this fan favorite rookie has put him in.

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Lon relishes his dominance as he bends Sharp in a back breaking, chinlock combination

The rope props up the pendulous crotch of Pete as his back's bent over the ropes with a reverse chin

Lon brings the pretty boy crashing to the mat with a grip on his ears

Pete hisses in pain, trapped in the ropes with a pec claw

Lon pushes up on the muscled prettyboy with a throat claw

Lon talks shit to the pretty boy jobber, crushing his skull in the corner

Longhaired Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs

Lon measures the out-of-it prettyboy for some headshots atop the turnbuckle

Pete clutches at his ribs and rolls on the mat as his opponent stalks him like a wounded gazelle

The pretty boy has the vet in trouble as he shakes and squeezes the fight from him with a bearhug

Pete fades fast , the RNC sucking the will (and consciousness) from his body

Pete sags and droops over the ropes as the rear-naked choke drains the fight completely out of him

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