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  Cal Bennett vs. Braden Charron

Cal Bennett 5'11, 210 lbs

Braden pulls down hard on the headlock as he crushes Cal's nuts sadistically over the ropes

Cal sinks a tight claw deep into big Braden's trap

The lean muscled hunk Cal is stretched out in an unforgiving camel clutch

Braden tears away at the lean muscle stud's ripped, tatted pecs

Screaming, Cal tries to escape the vicious trap claw

Guest of Honor

It wasn't too long ago that Braden was where Cal is today: the new meat at BG East, up for grabs to any heel with a yearning to hear some pretty muscle boys scream in agony. No, it wasn't too long ago that Charron, maybe two-thirds his present body mass, played the wrestling dummy for jaded, more experienced pros like Jonny Firestorm and Donnie Drake in Hunkbash 10 and 12 (with a bully turn against Kieran Dunne sandwiched in between at number 11). But for a while now Braden has been ruling the ring each time he steps in. Built like a wrecking ball, he has developed a daunting reputation for wrecking the balls and bodies of promising rookies like Pete Sharp and Galen Welsh. Now with his sights set on young, muscular Cal Bennett (eyes of an angel, body of a lion, deep chesty baritone that you feel in the groin), he is intent on sending the high-and-tight Hunkbash 16 rookie running home to mamma with his tail tucked between his legs.

Cal doesn't look like he's planning on going anywhere he doesn't want to. Cal has a bit of a stubborn streak. He enjoys a good rough-and-tumble brawl, and can take his licks in the process, but he doesn't like anybody, least of all Braden Charron, telling him what to do. We enter Hunkbash 17 with no illusions as to which one of these guys is fated to be the hunk about to get bashed ... and bashed hard, but Cal doesn't know that. Even if Cal suspects he'll be the "guest of honor" at an old-fashioned beatdown, he is determined, at the very least, not to go down easy. His height and solid muscularity pose an intimidating, though no less enticing target for heel Braden's rage.

The match starts out as a battle of words over posing rights at the mirror, but the boys get to the point quickly after Cal testily shoves away a pushy and too-close Braden, who then hastily inaugurates the action. Cal speedily turns the tide in his favor, clawing the thick, hard trapezius muscle that swells at the base of Braden's neck. Charron retaliates with a quick set of body slams designed to jumble the young muscle god's joints. There's a method to Braden's sudden assault, which targets the very qualities one might see as Cal's best assets in a fight: his statuesque torso and strong and expansive arms and leg. Braden follows the body slams with some clutch work, bending Cal backwards and crimping his spine, forcing Bennett to give up ... in a hurry. Nothing if not relentless, Braden goes for the vertebrae again, this time with some deep knee grinds, bracing his shoulders against the turnbuckle for support against his long-limbed opponent. If Cal's stricken grimace at this point does not move you, you have no heart ... or libido.

Charron then traps Bennett in a kneeling head-scissors hold and stretches the rookie's long arms out, up, and against the designs of anatomy. Braden continues to work Cal's superior stature against him, with the help of gravity and his own famously bodacious muscles. All poor Cal can do is squirm ... and only barely. Braden repays (doubly repays) Cal's initial claw hold to the trapezius muscle. He twists and stretches the arms and legs till the rookie pleads for release.

Braden maneuvers Cal into a corner, gripping the well-formed pecs and twisting, then smashing his forearm repeatedly to the same tender, flushed red flesh, before resuming the nipple torture. Trapping the head under one arm, Braden uses his free arm to batter away at Cal's upper back. Then he plops the rookie down on the mat for yet more pectoral punishment. With perverse glee, Braden hangs Cal in a tree of woe with a mix of vindictive strikes that immobilize his prey. He climbs out of the ring then for a rib-crunching bearhug through the ropes while Cal is still strung upside down. All this earns the heel his third brutal submission in a row. Charron is just now breaking a sweat, and it remains to be seen whether Bennett will rally to his own defense. Fall after fall, the action builds steadily towards a highly satisfying choke-out at the end, beginning with an adam's apple cracked against the top rope and ending with a so-tasty-it's-like-salt-on-the-tongue rear naked choke hold. This is two of BG East's most promising talents at their finest, and one of Hunkbash's most beautiful squashes!

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Cal Bennett vs. Braden Charron
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Cal wails and writhes as Braden's big fists batter his trapped body

Cal leans back, his lean, lithe body wide open for the raining forearms

Braden drives his smaller opponent into the corner and digs his fingers deep into his thick pecs

The shoulders and sculpted back are stretched and tortured as Braden leans back

Braden carries Cal over, breaking his shoulder on his outstretched knee

Cal arches futilely and wilts beautifully in the tight sleeper hold

Braden Charron 5'8", 200 lbs

The muscular new meat is brought to his ass on the mat with a neck-cranking full nelson

Cal dangles with his face in Braden's crotch as the pornstud carts him 'round the ring

A standing bow-and-arrow works Cal's spine as Braden tries to find the breaking point

Cal suffers in the corner as bully Braden looms overhead

Big Bad Braden lifts Cal off his feet in a reverse bearhug

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