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  Vasily Volkov vs. Damien Rush

Vasily Volkov 6'1 200 lbs

Vasily's broad, muscled, dimpled backside flexes as his bearhug crushes the life from his foe

Vasily's big biceps work hard, digging deep, wearing the heel down with the bearhug

Victorious Vasily flexes and tramples Rush underfoot

The smooth, muscled Russian suffers in the hairy heel's bodyscissors

Hunky, hairy Damien stretched out painfully in a bow-and-arrow

"Play it Big!"

Thicker than ever, now, in bulked upper body and arms, hairy and darkly handsome Damien Rush has gone from rich-boy wannabe stud to well-established heel at BG East, at least in his head. Arrogant and opportunistic, he's always eager to have a hot rookie to beat on. He looks very pleased with this latest morsel. Big Russian rookie Vasily Volkov is all smooth brawn and Maori-style shoulder tattoos, a nice contrast to Rush in masculine style. Damien approaches the ring with a hungry grin, a cat eyeing a landed trout that's just his size. He flaunts his new thick muscle, teasing Vasily into showing off a little, too. Both men are glaringly retro-butch. They might have just leapt off the cover of a 1960s pulp adventure magazine.

"Just too perfect," Damien immodestly acclaims himself, and it would be hard to argue the point. The pose-off has stoked the men's desire to test their muscle against muscle, so they circle each other and lock arms, boots thundering on the ring floor, sinewy backs flexing. Then Vasily floors Damien with a sudden shove. Damien bounces back up, only slightly ruffled but his voice rising half a pitch: "I see what you're doing, I see what you're doing. Play it big, play it big. C'mon, big man." They lock up again, this time even more spectacularly, writhing at the base of their spines. Damien strains to push his rookie opponent back a few steps, but again Vasily sends him crashing to the canvas. Rush rises up, more slowly this time, one hand on his aching back.

Damien snags the rookie in a side headlock. Vasily lifts him by one leg and hurls him to the mat. Here is a new hunk who may not be so easy to bash! He puts Damien in a standing surfboard stretch. The heels of Damien's boots skid on the canvas, his face registering maximum pain. "Let me go right now. Let me go, I command it!" Damien yelps, unable to admit that he is anything but in command at this moment. He muscles his way loose, but bang! The Russian clotheslines him to the mat. Devious Damien retaliates in the time-honored tradition of dirty fighters: he kicks Vasily in the nuts and then pile-drives him. He strikes a victory pose over his writhing opponent, then goes for a cross pin, only to be thrust off in an explosive show of might by Russian Volkov. "I'm the best," says the ecstatic, seemingly indefatigable rookie.

It's hard to believe how strong, energetic, and resilient this new guy is! Innovative, too. Vasily clamps Damien into a murderous bearhug, which would be agonizing enough by itself, given Volkov's massive shoulders and arms, but then he ups the pain and insult by relaxing the hold just enough so that he can bludgeon Rush's chest and abs to his own in a series of enervating full-body blows. At the end of that punishment, Damien can barely move. He can't believe this is happening to him. When Vasily finally wrings a submission out of the usually cocky (now mostly limp) heel, the rookie adds humiliation to defeat by pinning him for a standard three count, too. "A gentleman like myself can't take this kind of beating," Damien whimpers as he weakly crawls out of the squared circle. Volkov is more than willing to take the fight outside the ring if that's how Rush wants to play the game. If our handsome and anything but gentlemanly heel wants to turn this match around, it may be time now for another dirty and unmanly low blow, and we would expect no less from Damien Rush.

The last half of this sure-to-be-classic Hunkbash answers the question of whether our heroic rookie has the stuff to finish off our favorite weaselly heel once and for all. Or will Damien prove capable of a second-act recovery and blast the big newcomer with a relentless barrage of ring moves, legal and illegal, comparable to those that have defined his recent mat matches. Few wrestlers are so vicious and vindictive when their egos get bruised as Damien. And now that he has added on extra pounds of picture-perfect muscle, Rush's potential for malevolent destruction is greater than ever before. Yet again and again this evenly matched contest gleefully upsets our expectations, and either man may be hunk basher ... or hunk bashee. You don't want to miss a second of this brawl, which ends after a rub-your-eyeballs-in-disbelief hot torture rack and iron claw finisher so technically perfect and sumptuous as to amaze even the most jaded BG East fan.

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Vasily Volkov vs. Damien Rush
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The big, built body of Damien wilts in the back bending surfboard

Damien's big body stretches across Vasily broad shoulders in a torture rack

The big bodyslam shakes the ring

Howling, Damien tries to crawl his way free of the boston crab

Damien broken, and wasted, suffering as Vasily covers him for the pin

Vasily clutches at his lower back, crying out in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Damien Rush 5'11 185 lbs

The hulking rookie finds himself in trouble with a deep seated camel clutch, reverse chinlock combo

The newbie's muscles flex to the max as he looms powerfully over the grovelling heel

Vasily's beautifully sculpted torso stretches as he carries Damien up and over

Damien pathetically climbs his way up the body of the gloating Vasily

Patience is not a virtue for Vasily: not waiting for Damien to rise, he drags him up by the throat

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