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  Brad Barnes vs. Guido Genatto

Brad Barnes 5'8 200 lbs

The Dirty Daddy flexes over Brad's battered, broken body

Hairy muscle vs smooth muscle: Guido rams an elbow in Brad's chiseled jaw

Brad's sculpted muscles quiver and drip sweat, his arm twisting in a torturous wristlock

A kneeling armbar has Brad begging for mercy

The barefooted behemoth carries Brad up and over for a vicious suplex

"The Dirtiest Motherf*cker You'll Ever Meet"

"Another day, another fuckin' jobber." Bad attitude is the pillar on which BG East stands, and no wrestler exudes it more splendidly than "dirty daddy" Guido Genatto, destroyer of twinks and posers, a bottomless pit of rage and mayhem, a human chainsaw in the wrestling ring. He's seen (and clobbered) it all, so if he looks a little bored sitting on the ringside sofa, awaiting his latest opponent, he has earned the right to his jadedness. He has plowed through seven (soon to be eight) plucky challengers over the past two years as if they were made of gelatin and come out of the ring without a scratch.

Still, you might think he'd be a little more revved up about facing Brad Barnes. Over the same time period that Guido carved out his reputation as the heels' heel, Brad has proved to be the jobbers' jobber. With one of the most luscious physiques in wrestling, Brad has found himself in the crosshairs of BGE's top bullies, notably Lane Hartley and Kid Karisma. Fans can't get enough of seeing his smooth, sculpted body quivering under duress, and we have to hand it to the guy: somehow he finds it in himself to keep coming back for more. Call it luck or resilience, he's been a survivor. Now whether he can last ten minutes with Guido in the ring is a another fuckin' story! Even if Guido is indifferent to this matchup, true fans of the squash job have reason to rejoice as the reigning badass goes toe-to-toe with the company's reigning muscle-jobber.

Yet Brad doesn't seem to know who Genatto is, sauntering right past him on his way to the ring. If he had recognized him, would he have honored Guido's request for a lat spread and turned his back on the guy? It takes the super-heel half a second to spring on Brad from behind, slugging him between the shoulder blades, and flipping him over the top rope. Guido then hammers his knuckles to the hunk's jawline and lifts him up for a high body slam. Nobody is better at introducing himself to new people than Guido. The guy makes an impression - literally - cuts, dents, nicks, and scratches. "You ain't shit," scowls Guido, with boner-inducing fury. He remains unimpressed by Brad's easygoing manner or the triple-tiered torso that has won Brad legions of devoted fans. Guido goes immediately and instinctively for the finishing moves and torture holds that most wrestlers don't even think of until halfway through a match: aiming to maim and destroy with no provocation whatsoever.

When unbroken Brad manages to rear up from Guido's figure-four leg lock, driving his boot into the heel's crotch in the process, it's shocking. But before anybody can get too worked up over the unexpected escape, Guido plunges his bare foot into the bodybuilder's midsection. A suplex lands Brad right on his tailbone, and his taut body arcs upward, expressing every steely muscle in his chest and abdomen. Guido follows up with a head-butt to the chest, then gets only a two-count! A hard camel clutch also fails to make Barnes submit, and Guido is getting miffed. "I'm the dirtiest motherfucker you'll ever meet!" he grumbles. The heel daddy is sick and tired of the pantywaist competition he faces, but he expects submissions where they are due, and this tough gym bunny has just worked his last nerve. "You come in here and wanna DISRESPECT ME!?!" He rolls the hunk over and bends him backwards in a crab hold. "I don't see you posing NOW!" he bellows, all but drowned out by the hunk's agonized yelps. Still no submission, so Guido rolls him back, straddles his chest, and plugs his closed fist into Brad's face, again and again and again, then proceeds to strangle him.

Poor Brad Barnes gets the full hundred-dollar treatment here: a long neck-jangling double nelson, scissors, punches, stomps, slams, chops, arm bars, wrist locks, ankle locks, figure-fours, choke holds, hair-yanking, fish-hooking, pink bellies, claw holds, illegal use of the ropes, and seemingly endless variations on the same. All this and a nonstop torrent of insults, profanity, and imprecation. It's a grueling ordeal all right, worthy of the meanest son of a bitch on the BGE roster, and if the final closeup of Brad's crotch is any indication, the mega-hunky jobber is definitely one satisfied customer - as you too will be after watching this unforgettable Squash Job!

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Brad Barnes vs. Guido Genatto
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The wristlock intensifies as Guido's claw rips and tears apart the prettyboy's abdominals

Brad doubles, his body slowing down in the reverse bearhug

Brad has nowhere to go as he writhes in the torturous leglock

The Dirty Daddy's signature: choking the jobber, his tongue wagging tasting the suffering in the air

Brad's beautiful muscles of struggle in a full nelson, bodyscissor combo

The hulking heel kneels and works Brad's thick legs

Guido Genatto 5'10 230 lbs

Guido snarls, his big arm wrenching Brad's sculpted body around with a reverse chinlock

Is Brad done? His eyes gaze vacantly as Guido stretches his neck and spine painfully back

Guido chokes the shredded prettyboy over the ring ropes

Guido absolutely tears into Brad with a neck-wrecking full nelson

Brad's front-row seat to Guido's crotch as his skull is battered with a big fist

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