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  Kirk Donahue vs. Z-Man

Kirk Donahue - 5'10", 170 lbs

Z-Man cranks the pro hotty's neck back over his knee

The trapped Z-Man's beautiful visage twists in pain as ripped Kirk rains fists from above

Z-Man grabs for the ropes, his shredded midsection trampled underfoot

Restraining an arm, Z-Man wears his opponent down to the mat with a chinlock

Z-Man traps and tramples his prey in the corner

Two to Tangle: Dance-Off to Beat-Down

Z-Man. Former male model turned wrestling superstar. With his incredibly photogenic good-looks, it's no wonder that he has legions of adoring fans across the globe who heap praises upon him and worship his magnificent body. He walks around the BG East compound as though he's the best there is, but it's only at BGEast that he's been forced to up his game against the likes of a talent pool from Jonny Firestorm and Tyrell Tomsen to stunning Kid Karisma. His record is not flawless, but that doesn't matter, because Z-Man lives in his own world, a world where he is a god and everyone else pales in comparison.

Kirk Donahue is determined to bring a dose of reality to the Z-Man's world. While Kirk has a finely sculpted body of his own and nearly equal stats of Z-Man, that's where the similarities end. He is laser-focused on the task at hand: wrestle his heart out and prove he has what it takes to step into the BG East ring. This is Kirk's second match, following his brutal debut against the Beast that is Guido Genatto. He was utterly destroyed in that inaugural match and is absolutely determined to come out on top this time, especially against someone more his size (and someone who might not have his head in the game). What happens when you put the deadly serious Kirk Donahue against the eternal playboy Z-Man? You get a vicious, no-quarter-given back-and-forth beatdown that begins with a ... dance off?!

That's right, Z-Man decides to show off his overall dominance by throwing out some dance moves! "If you can dance, you can wrestle, and that's what I'm all about!" Kirk might be chomping at the bit to throw down, but he's too competitive to let this one pass. Both men go back-and-forth gyrating their hips. Kirk surprises with his ability to move that stud-next-door physique, but then he busts out a surprise pro move of his own, rolling the Z-Man into a quick 3-count. No one messes with the Z-Man's routine, and now he's gonna bust a move on Kirk's ass.

A test-of-strength reminds that Z's muscles aren't just for dancing. Unleashing a flurry of blows to Kirk's gut, Z-Man can't resist "showing off some more moves" as he straddles Kirk and starts choking the life out of him as he's trapped in the corner.

With some powerful punches to those finely sculpted abs, Kirk is able to seize the upper hand. With Z-Man in the corner and at his mercy, Kirk fires off a series of kicks into Z-Man's gut before full-on shoulder-tackling his opponent further into the corner. Z-Man's dance moves aren't for nothing though, as his quick foot work allows him to slip around Kirk and re-take the upper-hand, delivering his own brutal shoulder-tackles into Kirk's chiseled stomach.

The tempo's been set for the match and someone's abs are going to be singing the blues. Both men are determined to kick, stomp, and crush the other's gut so brutally they may never dance again. For those who love an epic gutbash extravaganza, this one has it all: brutal ab claws, over-the-knee gutbusters, agonizing ab stretches, bodyscissors that elicit screams of pain, bearhugs that will permanently shrink waist lines, and a brutal over-the-shoulder backbreaker/ab claw combo that suddenly and brutally ends the music. Only one of these men are leaving this dance floor walking!

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Z-Man takes control in a battle of strength

Kirk's broken body hits the mats hard

Z-Man bends his foe's back over the turnbuckle as he closes his windpipe

All of Z-Man's muscles come to bear in a vicious ironclaw to the prettyboy's abs

The beautiful torso of Z-Man stretches torturously in an ab stretch

The side-plank pours more power into Z-Man's bodyscissors

Z-Man - 5'10", 170 lbs

A sadistic, salivating Z-Man tangles and tortures the ripped pretty boy in the ropes

Holy shredded shit! The massively muscled stud's body ripples with power as he pounds the rookie

A foreign object: Z-Man strangles the lean pro stud with his leather vest

Kirk's long lean body bends over a knee as Z-Man claws away at his abs

Kirk wails in pain as he's wrecked in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker from his ripped tormentor

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