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  Mike Pitt vs. Trent Blayze  

Mike Pitt - 5'8", 180 lbs

Mike corners and clobbers the prettyboy

Trent's muscled form wilts and withers in the brutal bearhug

The big bully cranks back in a single leg boston

Trent gains a modicum of revenge as he sits high up Mike's back in the boston crab

Trent clutches the knee as he ratchets up the pressure on the single leg boston

"Is This Training? Then Why Does It Hurt So Much?"

Mike Pitt and Trent Blayze. These two might be babyfaces, but they're babyfaces attached to big, hulking men's bodies! And those bodies are on full display before the match even starts, as viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes workout session. Blayze might have Pitt beat when it comes to clearly defined musculature, but Pitt has a solid frame packed with strength. Both men are clearly fantastic specimens when it comes to power, but why have they both had so much trouble in the ring?

Pumping iron together, they bond over a mutual frustration. Neither man is happy with how their ring experiences have played out. They're hitting the weights because they're sick and tired of the heels at BG East "playing dirty" and cheating their way to victory. Pushing their muscles to the max, swapping stories of their personal repertoire of holds, they realize that maybe they should hit the ring for a good-natured match. If they can tangle in the ring and learn from each other's moves, both should walk away a better wrestler. And, as Blayze says, "I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win, without cheating of course."

Making their way to the ring, the two friendly wrestlers begin their back-and-forth tutorial with some simple arm locks. Blayze demonstrates his first, eliciting both a yelp of pain from Pitt and an approving nod. Pitt is then given the chance to show Blayze his own arm locks, which hurt just as much as Blayze's. Moving on to full-nelsons, the duo swap holds, each pushing the other to lock it on as tightly as possible. Once they're satisfied with the other's hold, they exchange a series of ring-shaking body slams.

Viewers don't get many glimpses into the hardcore training that BG East wrestlers put themselves through, but this is just another day on the compound. Just because they're practicing doesn't mean they're going to go easy on each other. Whether it's vicious stomps and pec punishment in the corner, tightly clamped headscissors on the canvass, or ab stretches and bearhugs in the ring center, the level of intensity keeps rising as they push themselves to improve. Who knew training could hurt so much!

One might expect tempers to eventually flair or for one of these good-natured wrestlers to have their naivety taken advantage of as one or the other goes to the dark side. Will Blayze's southern charm give way to a devious side, as he finally takes the low-road that so many of his opponents have taken? Will Mike's youthful optimism finally give way to a dastardly play to come out on top by any means necessary? No matter how this plays out in the end, this is still one incredibly hard-hitting training match and both men take their fair share of pain. And keep your eyes open for a very special surprise appearance by one of BG East's most notorious heels!

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Mike Pitt vs. Trent Blayze
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Mike flexes up a grinding side headlock on the tanned, tattoed stud

The two titans connect with a double clothesline

Trent's muscled bod suffers in an ab stretch

The bully writhes on the mat, trapped in a tight headscissors

Trent rolls and pours on the pressure in the headscissors

Mike's beefy quads devour the prettyboy's features

Trent Blayze - 6'1", 190 lbs

Big Mike bodyslams Blayze to the canvas

The pretty boy lifts the big bully up and over in a ring-shaking slam

Mike sits in dominance in a full boston crab

Blayze's spine is stretched and wrecked in the camel clutch

Blayze puts the big, bully bod on display with an ab stretch

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