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  Skip Vance vs. Tim Sheridan  

Skip Vance - 5'6", 135 lbs

Skip's surprisingly shredded quads snap snugly around Tim's ribcage

Skip presses his advantage as he works a neck-crunching full nelson

Skip leans back, bending his opponent's spine with a boston crab

A bedraggled Skip gets a faceful of crotch

The boys grind bulge to bulge as Tim rides on top

"Who's the Bitch now?" Babyface-to-face-off!

Few matches at BG East are as brutal or sexy as this match, but is that any surprise when you put someone like Skip Vance against Tim Sheridan? Sexy and Skip are nearly synonymous! He's always leaving his opponents hot and bothered, desperately wanting more and more. He's one of BG's most accomplished vets. No matter how much pain and suffering is thrown his way, he's always ready for more. Not only a punishment sponge, but any wrestler who's been trapped between his legs or wrapped up in one of his devious holds can tell you that stepping into the ring with Vance is going to hurt. But it's also going to be one hell of a sexy time!

Tim Sheridan has been methodically climbing his way into the hearts and minds of BG's fans, demonstrating he's not just some babyfaced pretty boy who's coasting by on looks alone. He's demonstrated his amateur experience time and again, and proven he is always pushing himself to improve his skills and make his opponents take notice. He's also not one to shy away from using his sexiness to his advantage. Of course, against someone like Vance, sensual wrestling isn't a hobby, it's a full-on profession.

Coming into the mat room literally face-to-face, each claiming they're gonna make the other their bitch, it's clear right from the get-go that there's an electric chemistry between the two. Tim grabs Vance and throws him to the mat, straddling the sexy blond before locking on a bodyscissors. Skip's taken worse, though, and let's Tim know it! "Make it hurt if you're gonna do it!" Sheridan obliges, cranking up the pressure to 11. "Gonna submit, bitch?"

If Tim's ever seen Vance in action, he should know that he's not going to submit that easily. As soon as they separate, they're back on their feet and face-to-face again. Skip gave Tim his shot, and now it's his turn. Showing him how it's down, Vance locks on the iron-like bodyscissors that have made more than one BG East wrestler cry out in submission. After tiring of his opponent's yells, Vance lets up, only for Tim to use his amateur experience to squirrel free and lock-on an agonizing armbar. Pulling Vance up and into a bearhug, Tim can't quite seem to break his opponent. "Is that all you've got? Don't just hold me, crush me!" Only Skip Vance would employ the strategy of egging on his opponent to go harder, more painful. Even when he's losing, he acts like he's in complete control of the match!

Dropping Skip down to the mat, Tim decides that if he isn't capable of hurting his opponent enough, maybe he can humiliate him some by smothering his face with his ample package. Transitioning into an extended schoolboy pin, keeping Skip's face firmly under his own package, Tim realizes that maybe, just maybe, this is what Skip wants. "You like this, don't you?!"

Skip may enjoy being on the bottom, but that doesn't mean he doesn't mind being on top either. A painful bow-and-arrow, with some painfully sensual stomps to Tim's ass, is followed by a series of Boston crabs, full-nelsons, and bearhugs. And judging by Tim's trunks, he's enjoying every minute of Vance grinding into his backside.

The back-and-forth continues right until the end of this incredibly sexy and sweaty mat wrestling. The bounty of painful holds is only amplified by the bonanza of face smothering and crotch grinding that these two love to dish out. And in the end, once one has firmly asserted his dominance, the passion and electricity they've been holding back spills into an epic make-out session. This is most definitely one match you do not want to miss out on!

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Skip Vance vs. Tim Sheridan
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Skip writhes like an animal caught in a trap as the bodyscissors compresses his ribs

Skip arches to alleviate the pressure of the bearhug

Skip's struggles slow as a headscissors saps his waning strength

Skip stretches his opponent's long body with a bow-and-arrow

Tim slaps a liplock on the beleaguered jobber

Tim admires the arch in the blond's body as he works a tight headscissors

Tim Sheridan - 5'9", 155 lbs

Tim roars, his arms crushing the blonde beauty tighter in the bearhug

Tim rolls his prey up with a humiliating face to crotch pin

Tim flexes and stretches to prevent being maneuvered into a boston crab

Tim drags the jobber extraordinaire up by his hair

Tim rolls Skip up on his shoulders for a tight, folded pin

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