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  Alex Arias vs. Patrick Donovan  

Alex Arias - 5'8", 145 lbs

Patrick muscles Alex into a tight side headlock

Patrick jockeys for control, pinning the rookie in the process

The skilled vet finds himself tied up and outmatched as Alex seizes a handful of bulge

Patrick takes control of the scrappy rookie in a cradle

Bulging in his undagear, Patrick grapples with the smaller stud

Putting in Your Dues

BG East has always had underground wrestling's best talent come through our doors. Some come and go while others make it clear that BG East is their turf for the long-haul. And one of the absolute time-tested best, breaking in rookies or taking on some of the toughest SOB's on the scene, is superlative fan-favorite Patrick Donovan. Solidly built, tall and lean with those 'pecs to die for,' he is as talented a grappler as they come. Whether in the ring or on the mats, Patrick has proven time after time that he is easily one of our top-tier talents. Any wrestler would be lucky for the chance to lock-up with this legend, no matter how much it might end up hurting. And today is Alex Arias's lucky day!

With only one match under his belt, Alex couldn't be more eager for another match. Last time out, he took on fellow rookie Ben Monaco in a hard-hitting double-debut match. To go from taking on a fellow newbie to someone of Patrick's caliber couldn't be a starker step-up. Donovan has more experience than three or four typical wrestlers combined! And you can see he loves wrestling: today he gets one more rookie to break in, and he couldn't be happier.

Catching Patrick flexing his always well-honed musculature in the mirror, Alex asks "What are YOU doing?" Patrick isn't the slightest bit fazed. "What am I doing? What are you doing? Do you have ANY idea what you're doing on a wrestling mat? I didn't want to hurt you too quick - but why not come over and give it a try." Mouthy Alex talks back, even calling Patrick "weak." This lasts all of five seconds before Patrick has Alex in a headlock, even flicking his forehead with his free hand to emphasize his total control and add a little humility to the rookie's diet.

Trying to escape by slugging Donovan in the gut only leads to Patrick laughing off the attempt. "Oh, he wants to play." Flinging Alex down to the mat and into a humiliating schoolboy pin, Patrick offers the rookie the first taste of the vet's ample crotch, which is just barely concealed within his sexy blue undergear. It's Patrick who insisted this be an Undagear match: the spoils of a veteran, and his chance to see his opponent's every asset!

A series of deftly applied headscissors, chokeholds, and claws leaves Alex reeling, but not ready to give up just yet. Even when Alex manages to lock on some bodyscissors and throw some forearms into those amazing pecs, Patrick (who has taken far worse abuse over the years) is worried about the rookie wearing himself out! Spunky Alex is able to continue his serious pec and ab punishment. He's also more than willing to revisit some payback, grabbing and squeezing the very package that was smothering his face earlier.

His advantage doesn't last as long as he'd like though, and before he realizes what's happening, Patrick has him in an agonizing crotch-splitting spladle and headlock combo! His package on full display in his hot pink underwear, Alex's cries are muffled between Patrick's vice-like scissors. Now, saying "I give" isn't enough for Patrick. He wants to be called "Papi" and what Papi wants Papi gets.

This match offers a little of everything for the underground - and underwear - grappling fan. Youth versus experience. Hardcore pec punishment, viciously prolonged gutbashing, technical holds that rip screams from the unfortunate victim's mouth, and cruel crotch abuse. The match comes to a brutal end thanks to a perfectly executed leg-sleeper hold. And once the lights go out, the victor takes a moment to add to the humiliation by sitting his fine ass down on his knocked out opponent and savoring the sweet sweet victory.

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Alex Arias vs. Patrick Donovan
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Patrick wraps up the latino cutie with a jap-strangle and bodyscissors combo

Alex finds his opening and batters away at Donovan's midsection

Tying up the vet skillfully, Alex continues to attack his ripped midsection

Bringing the scrappy fighter under control, Patrick gives him a faceful in the headscissor

Patrick rolls to escape the tight, rib-crushing bodyscissors

The rookie schools the vet with a crotch-to-face pin

Patrick Donovan - 6'1", 160 lbs

Tied up at both ends, Alex is crotch-ripped and headscissored

Alex ties up the vet in a reverse bodyscissors with a neck cranking chinlock

Using his legs, Alex tries to fight free from the humiliating ass-to-face schoolboy pin

Patrick's powerful thighs crunch on Alex's skull as he rips his groin wide

Alex writhes helplessly in the vet's japanese stranglehold

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