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  Boyd Hicks vs. Eli Black

Boyd Hicks - 5'9", 165 lbs

Clutching at his tortured groin, Boyd screams as he suffers in a spladle

The lean, sinewy bod of the cage fighter struggles in an inverted headlock

Boyd takes the upperhand, mounting Eli in a schoolboy pin

Boyd clamps down tight on a headscissor and digs in a deep claw to the award-winning abs

Eli drops a knee into a suffering Boyd's midsection

Lessons in Pain and Suffering

Eli Black is one of the most popular wrestlers in our stable. The scholastic wrestler turned MMA trainee is technically sound, and his natural talent - phenomenal agility, strength, endurance - flourished in the free-for-all that is BG East style wrestling. Add to that his incredibly sexy body packed with tightly sculpted muscles (and one of the absolute best eight-packs!) and it's no wonder that he's also one of the cockiest wrestlers around. If he wasn't so damn good it would be pretty damn annoying but he thinks he's that damn good!

Not to be underestimated, Boyd Hicks immediately gives off the impression that he is as solid as a mountain. This is only his second match, and the first was where he lost his mask against the brutal Cage Thunder. Rugged good-looks, solid muscles, a nearly 25 pound advantage over Eli, and a package that his hot pink undergear can't begin to hide: He's definitely not going to make this easy for Eli!

As Eli is warming up and working his muscles, Boyd scopes him out. Hicks is confident: after all, he's got the size advantage. "Ready for a lesson, Boy?" Eli's sarcastic response shows he's not remotely impressed or fazed. "I don't think I've had a lesson since I was in pre-school." Still trying to out-testosterone each other, Boyd snarks out a "nice panties" quip. Eli doesn't care. "I'm not the one wearing pink." Boyd might be wearing pink, but he's seeing red: "Let me show you what pink can do!"

Locking up, Boyd may have underestimated just how much strength Eli's small frame packs, as he's lifted off his feet and slammed to the mat. Keeping his wits about him, he locks Eli into a headlock, but once again Eli shows off his strength, powering Boyd off the mat and slamming him back down. Both having a better understanding of the other, they circle warily, until Boyd lunges and catches Eli off guard, locking him into a grounded ab stretch. That amazing eight-pack is too irresistible a target, and so Boyd launches a flurry of blows into those sculpted muscles. But with Eli, you have to watch out for his arms AND his legs, because before you know it he will have you wrapped up in an agonizing submission. Locked into a vicious armbar, Boyd's only chance to escape is to seize an opportunity, which in this case means seizing a handful of Eli's cock and balls and giving a painful squeeze!

A whole new can of worms has just been opened, because now anything is fair game. For the rest of the match, Boyd is faced with two delicious targets: those amazing abs or that amazing package. Why choose when you can pick both? Letting his fists do the talking, he bounces back and forth between both targets, eliciting sweet screams of submission from Eli.

After quickly catching his breath, a rolling kick to Boyd's head gives Eli the advantage, an advantage he's not going to waste. A crotch-splitting spladle gives Eli a fantastic opportunity to pay Boyd back big-time for the earlier cock abuse. Not only does he get his own submission, but he follows that up with punches, stomps, and claws to drive home the point: no one messes with Eli's cock without permission!

If you want to see a match with amazingly executed technical holds, some of the absolute 'worst' ball abuse we've ever filmed, hardcore gut bashing, sweat pouring and pouches bulging - and all in sexy underwear! - these Alpha men aren't going to rest until one of them is a quivering mess lying defeated on the mat!

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The lean, tattooed stud wraps up his bigger foe

Boyd folds Eli in a roll-up pin

Eli rolls away clutching at his aching groin as Boyd readies for another attack

Eli ties up his older opponent in a grounded ab stretch variation

Trapping his opponent's skull in his knee, Boyd goes to work on his bulge

Having had enough of Boyd's dirty tactics, Eli grinds his bulge underfoot

Eli Black - 5'6", 140 lbs

Eli rides atop big Boyd with a tight, double-japanese strangle

Firmly in control, Eli turns his opponent over for a boston crab

Boyd mounts his wiry foe in a schoolboy and seizes a handful of his manhood

With his opponent's face wedged into his ass, Boyd continue to claw at Eli's manhood

Stretching out his lean opponent, Boyd works a full nelson, bodyscissor combination

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