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  MJ Vergara vs. Jake Jenkins

MJ Vergara - 5'3", 140 lbs

Jake snags the ripped latino's arms up in a double armbar

Showing no mercy, Jake drives his knuckles powerfully into the dancer's abdomen

Jake suspends his ripped opponent with a double ab claw

Draped limply across Jake's broad shoulders, MJ is beaten

His spectacular backside shining with sweat, MJ sags weakly in the powerful bearhug

'Sexiness' Overload!

At BG East, we take enormous pride in our wrestlers. Some have tremendous skills, others have tremendous looks. Jake Jenkins has both. On the mats, he's a force to be reckoned with. And with that perfect blend of boyish good looks and muscles popping in all the right places, he can dazzle his opponent with both looks AND skills. In his rapid rise to wrestling stardom, Jenkins has taken beatings from vicious heels like Genatto and Firestorm, and he's had good-natured (but hard-hitting) competitive matches with Eli Black and Kid Karisma. But fans have never seen the sinister side lurking behind that beautiful face. He's never tapped into his inner heel. That's about to change.

If you ask MJ Vergara, there are few people in his way to the top at BG East, and he knows he's got the moves and eye-popping physique to supplant the likes of Jake Jenkins. With his incredible acrobatic moves and incredibly ripped body, he's definitely the total package and he isn't afraid to say so. Jake is not going to stand idly by while MJ actually voices these ideas to others! When Jake learns that MJ is down in the mat room, he doesn't waste a second making his way there.

When Jake walks in on MJ flexing in the mat room, MJ has no idea what's about to hit him. At least, that was the plan. Seeing MJ flexing, Jake can't resist showing him what a real muscle pose looks like. While he's focused on his own reflection, MJ seizes the opportunity and literally cartwheels his way over to Jenkins to land a ferocious elbow to the chest. He's not gonna talk about knocking the prettyboy down a peg or two anymore, he's just gonna do it! Squeezing Jake in a bodyscissors, MJ continues to put his fantastic acrobatic skills to use, rolling Jake all around the room firmly locked into his scissors. Enraged, Jake powers out and locks MJ in his own leglock-armbar combo, flexing his bicep over MJ's face. "This is how you flex!"

Not giving MJ the slightest chance to escape, Jenkins pulls him into a bow-and-arrow that splays MJ's muscles and veins in stark relief. MJ isn't screaming in pain loudly enough for Jake though. Jake keeps him planted on the mat as he turns MJ into his personal surfboard. STILL not happy with the screams he's getting, Jake transitions to a chickenwing that finally gets the screams of submission he was looking for.

Flexing over his aching opponent, Jake can't wait to make MJ scream again. But MJ gets his powerful legs under Jake and shoves him into the wall. Flipping up and executing a handstand that ends with those same powerful legs clamped around Jake's head, MJ squeezes with all his power. Rolling backwards, he flips Jake through the air to land on his back, a position MJ immediately takes advantage of by applying a crotch-splitting spladle. Fighting through the pain, Jake clamps onto MJ's fantastic pecs, lifting his opponent into the air as their legs remain entwined. MJ can't help but to scream as he's literally being lifted by a vicious double pec claw. When MJ screams out another submission, Jenkins isn't having it. He wants to hear him yell out his submission again and again! It's Jake like we've never seen him!

What follows is some amazing back and forth wrestling as MJ forces his own submission and strips Jake of his trunks, and some of the most brutal fists, knees, claws and stretches to the gut that MJ's picture-perfect abs have ever taken. Jake's fury has just barely begun to be released. Now stripping off a layer of MJ's gear to get to an incredibly revealing thong, Jake continues his brutal assault. Backbreakers, bearhugs, and racks, Jake's sinister side is fully revealed as he treats MJ like a ragdoll. MJ battles back to prove there is more than one prettyboy with moves of steel. Are MJ's dreams about to be crushed? Is Jake about to use him to send a powerful message to every wrestler at BG East? This is a classic undagear!

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MJ Vergara vs. Jake Jenkins
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Vergara's lean, ripped dancer's body is twisted in an ab stretch

MJ rips Jake's groin wide open

An inverted, figure four variation has MJ in a world of pain

MJ wriggles helplessly, tied up in a toehold-leglock variation

Rolled up tightly, Jake rips his opponent's crotch wide in a spladle

Jake kneels and flexes victoriously over his broken foe

Jake Jenkins - 5'7 155 lbs

Jake drills deep, his talons tearing and ripping at MJ's cobblestone abs

Writhing in agony, MJ struggles to break free of the deep-digging ab claw

Scoring the first fall, MJ throws Jake's stolen gear in his face

MJ carted around the matroom helplessly in an inverted bearhug

Restrained and doubled, MJ is tortured in a standing double armbar

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