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  Carlos Ortega vs. Lon Dumont  

Rookie Carlos Ortega - 5'9, 170 lbs

Snagging a fistful of hair, Lon drags his opponent to his feet

Lon backs his cornered prey into the ropes and aims knees to his midsection

Lon works an ab stretch on the newbie right on the mat

Carlos reaches for the ropes in desperation as his windpipe is choked off

Lon looms menacingly over his breathless, fallen foe

Kids These Days

Pro wrestler-turned-bodybuilder Lon Dumont can put up with a lot of shit. Insult his shaggy head of hair, and he'll laugh it off. Make fun of his height, and he'll stare way up at you and shrug his sculpted shoulders, unfazed. But imply that his competition-ready, ripped-to-shreds abdominals aren't breathtakingly phenomenal, and you're messing with fire, my friend.

Painfully pretty babyface beauty Carlos Ortega flexes in the veteran's face the moment he arrives in the ring, daring the notorious muscle heel not to be impressed. The ripped rookie has been chomping at the bit to get his first shot in the BG East ring, and whether it's wishful thinking or delusions of grandeur, he dares to insist his hot, ripped abs are superior to Lon's. "Beautiful," Lon admits, circling the gorgeous kid in white. "You're a solid B-minus." He grades the kid down for needing "a little bit of hustle behind that muscle." With the short fuse of so many cocky young bucks, Carlos snarls back, "You wish, my friend," clearly not feeling at all friendly.

The rookie's unexpected knee strikes, pounding like lightning into Lon's gut, make the veteran double over. Quickly grabbing a large handful of that luxuriously long hair, Carlos pries the heel back up to scream in his face, "You WISH you had abs like these!"

Lon's head-butt to the newbie's gut stops the gorgeous kid in this tracks. "I don't have to wish, young man!" he roars, kicking, stomping, then wringing the kid's phenomenal abs through the meat grinder of his tenderizing body scissors. "I got the rope!" the adorably naive rookie pleads, calling for a break. "You honestly think I care!" Lon screams in his face.

Typically unflappable, Lon has been stoked to a raging inferno by the sheer audacity of this lean, ripped rookie. Elbows, knees, shoulders, and outstandingly conditioned rock hard muscle pound relentlessly into the rookie's burning red abs. Even when the kid brawls his way back on top, pounding the bodybuilder's granite-carved core, Carlos' fists go numb trying to chip away at Lon's legendary 6-pack. In desperation, the rookie tries head-butting the heel's pride and joy abs, nearly knocking himself out for his trouble.

To be fair, a grade of B-minus from Lon Dumont is high praise, and well-earned in this case. Carlos' fitness, tenacity, and sheer nerve are incredible. And the rookie shows his mettle, taking a torrent of punishment that would bring most men to tears. Every time the veteran heel demands satisfaction, insisting on a screaming, self-abasing submission, the ripped young rookie defies him. And every time Carlos talks smack instead of choosing the wiser course of submitting, Lon doubles down that much more on breaking the brash young kid to pieces.

The brutality is breathtaking, even by Lon's standards. Inside the ring, outside the ring, hanging from the ropes, the bodybuilder heel literally knocks the kid out and still just keeps beating the shit out of him. So much beauty. So much promise. So much total destruction! The lesson here is clear: kids, don't play with fire.

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Carlos Ortega vs. Lon Dumont
29 minutes
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Both of Lon's big talons tear deeply into Ortega's ripped midsection

Long-haired Lon revs up the gun show as he tortures his opponent in an ab stretch

The bodybuilder's reverse bearhug wears Carlos down

Carlos tries to crawl away as his abs are battered mercilessly

Carlos writhes in desperation as he tries to escape the half nelson/ab claw combo

Lon's powerful quads snap tight in a bodyscissors

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs

Suspending himself from the ropes. Lon's vise-like quads crush Carlos' obliques

Carlos bounces as Lon hurls upward-fists into his exposed abs!

Like a bug in a web, Carlos is bound and exposed for a hellacious gutbash

A big uppercut whallops Lon's gut

Carlos puts the legendary Lon on his knees and shows off his target!

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