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  Kid Karisma vs. Mason Brooks*  

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs

Karisma claws desperately locked down in a bulge-grabbing headscissors

Mason kneels before the bulge of the dominant gazebo grappler

Seductive assault: A cornered and mounted Mason wilts under the attack

Mason finds himself trapped half in and out of the gazebo like many others before him

The magical nipples of Mason are tweaked and teased by the Karismatic One

A Fanboy with a Plan

"Well, uh," Mason Brooks stammers coming face to face with Kid Karisma in the gazebo. "I'm excited to meet you. I've heard a lot about you," the star-struck stud stutters. Mason's usually impassive veneer is nowhere to be seen as he quite literally blushes in front of the legendary muscleboy. "You should be excited!" Kid Karisma smirks to discover his opponent is, obviously, a fanboy.

Mason is hardly the first wrestler to feel that crotch-stirring rush of excitement to lock up with Kid Karisma. The fan-favorite fiery red-head's sculpted glutes have been awarded Best Butt three years in a row. And as difficult as it may be to believe, Kid Karisma is bigger and harder than ever before in preparation for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. His neon green wrestling singlet cannot contain his bulging pecs. His massive thighs severely strain the seams.

Mason has earned quite a fan following as well, due to both his fit, lean, sexy body and his singular passion for making opponents cry. Mason always works a plan, and even when Kid Karisma hoists his fanboy across his shoulder, draped down his muscled back, there's an icy calm about the way Mason smoothly snaps his thighs around the muscleboy's head. Purposefully, Mason slides his hand through Kid Karisma's tree trunk thighs from behind and claws his balls mercilessly. "Oh, sh-sh-SHIT!" Kid Karisma is the one stammering now as he crumples to the mat, totally in Mason's control.

Immediately pissing off Kid Karisma seems like a dubious plan of attack, and it doesn't take long before the magnificent muscleboy turns the tables. Suddenly, it's Mason's head trapped between Kid Karisma's huge legs, staring up at that multi-award winning butt. "You know you like that award winning ass right there," Kid Karisma smirks. "Touch it. TOUCH IT!," he demands, not that Mason appears reluctant to comply. The red-headed phenom plants his glutes squarely across Mason's face. "Fucking smell it!" he commands, as if Mason had a choice. He delivers a severe spanking for Mason's audacious opening attack.

You'd be forgiven for thinking you know how this match unfolds. Kid Karisma commands an overwhelming advantage in size, strength, and experience. But when Mason scores the first two unanswered, screaming, crying submissions on the living legend, all bets are off. "You thought this was going to be easy, didn't you!?" Mason growls, lathered in sweat and feeling that unique thrill of taking possession of your fondest wrestling crush. Both sweat soaked singlets are ripped off as the raging wrestlers battle in bare butt jock straps. Every corner of the gazebo is used creatively to batter and bash each other's bodies. Anything and everything is fair game, with balls tortured, backs bent across the railings, and increasingly intimate time spent with each other's heads crushed between their thighs. Nipple twisting and muscle worship send both wrestlers over the top.

There's just one undisputed victor. One wasted hunk is barely holding on to the consciousness as his shocking new master flexes and preens over top of him. Without looking back, the winner strolls from the gazebo with one last instruction. "Shower up and come follow me!" The lucky loser doesn't need to be told twice.

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Kid Karisma vs. Mason Brooks*
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Konquering Karisma demands worship as he sits pretty atop his opponent

Karisma winds up for a whalloping blow to Mason's captured bulge

KK klaims a handful of Mason's manhood

Pilfered gear in hand, Karisma preens and flexes over the humbled fanboy

Mason's powerful thighs bring the ginger muscle phenom to the mats

Kid K drags his bulge over the face of his trounced foe

Mason Brooks - 5'9, 150 lbs

Mason doesn't stand a chance in hell as the massive thighs clamp down in a standing headscissors

Giddy-up! Karisma rides Mason through the gazebo walls

Kid K uses the gazebo posts to torture his tenacious opponent

"FUCKING SMELL IT!" the ridiculously chiseled mat master commands

Kid K rides his taller opponent to the mats with a rear naked choke

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