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  Skip Vance vs. Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson - 5'7, 145 lbs

Powerful Paul Hudson works a rear chinlock, camel combination

Jobber no more?! Skip sinks his bicep into the throat of his competition

"I own you!" Paul crows as his sleeper sucks the last bit of fight from the smaller stud

Skip squeezes tight as Paul fights free of his bodyscissors

The tattoo should have been a warning... stepping to Hudson is hazardous to your health

"I own you!!!"

Paul Hudson is one of BG East's best all around wrestlers, bar none. His pro wrestling credentials make him decidedly dangerous in the ring, but extensive amateur wrestling experience has helped him own the mats as well. Fans describe Paul as compelling, fiercely competitive and completely fearless. A master of hundreds of submission holds, his reputation for bringing big men to their knees has built him a fanatical following. Opponents, on the other hand, typically just describe him as a tough, mean, vicious piece of work.

"Oh shit," Paul mutters with contempt, pausing from warming up on the mats in the gazebo to take a look at his opponent. "A new victim." Bronzed, blond, and babyfaced, super lean Skip Vance looks like an anatomy chart in blue trunks. He has come a long, long way in his tenure with BG East. Emerging from years branded as a hopeless jobber, Skip has recently scored some shocking upsets to prove there's much more than meets eye. A notorious punishment sponge, he's also been soaking up skills that have made the competition reevaluate the tough, tenacious super-lightweight. If he can dish it out even half as successfully as he can take it, Skip could be, pound for pound, one of the most dangerous wrestlers on the mats.

Recent upset victories aside, out of the gates little Skip gets completely owned. Paul swarms all over him, scrambling quickly into position for a rear naked choke. Skip escapes for an instant before he's snapped up and writhing in the vice of Paul's body scissors. "I told you," the cocky bad boy snarls. Skip protests petulantly, "This is just starting!"

Paul is two moves ahead of him every time Skip diligently works his way free from one hold right into the next. He slips free from a kneeling bow and arrow but is immediately locked down in a dangerous arm bar. Both battlers' fuses get shorter and shorter as nothing comes easy. Brutal head scissors finally make Skip submit, but Paul wants to hear him scream. "I said I GIVE!" Skip protests, seriously pissed off now.

Loathe to get knocked down a rung in his climb out of the deep, dark jobber hole he dug for himself early in his wrestling career, Skip takes a play from past tormentors. Snapping on a standing full nelson, he parades his shocked opponent around the gazebo, gloating. "I'll teach you to disrespect me!" Paul vows, moments before expertly escaping and launching a new onslaught of brutal terror.

Submissions are screamed. Tears are shed. Wills are tested with a ferocity that neither wrestler anticipated when they showed up in the gazebo this day. Hair pulling and sucker punches to the kidneys drag these two into darker and darker territory. For all their taunts and trash talk, this one won't be over until exactly one wrestler has demonstrated conclusively and without dispute who is whose bitch. "I own you!" the victor crows once he's shut his loudmouth opponent up once and for all.

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Skip Vance vs. Paul Hudson
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Skip suffers sweetly in the holds of the pro sensation

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Skip Vance - 5'6, 135 lbs

Skip scrambles for escape as he's set up for a vicious bow-and-arrow

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The master of a hundred holds proves to Skip just how out-of-his-depth he is

The two gazebo grapplers give it their all in a battle of the blonds

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