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  Chace LaChance vs. Kirk Donahue

Chase LaChance - 5'9, 180 lbs

A camel clutch variation bends Kirk's spine near breaking-point

The physique model grounds and bends the spine of the pro-stud in a boston crab

Kirk suspended and trapped in Chace's web

Chace's picture-perfect sleeper brings his opponent to his knees...and ruin

Chace shows his opponent just why he won BG's Best Bod contest

Mr. Muscles versus Mr. Quickness

Chace LaChance is hardly impressed to find lean, babyfaced Kirk Donahue waiting for him in the gazebo. "You sure you really want to come onto this mat with me? You don't look too fit," Chace taunts. He flexes his arms, which are just about as massive as Kirk's upper thighs. Fresh off of winning the title of BG East's Best Body for 2015, Chace has good reason to be confident in his award winning muscle mass and outstanding aesthetics.

To say that Kirk isn't fit is not quite fair, though. The lightweight pro wrestler packs a ton of power inside his long, lean frame. What's more, he's forgotten more than Chace has ever learned about underground and independent professional wrestling. True, he looks achingly young, but this freckle-faced phenom is accomplished, cunning, and incredibly quick.

It's all Chace to start the match, however. The muscle man effortlessly tosses his opponent to the mat and mounts him in a schoolboy pin. Kirk writhes underneath the mountain of muscle bearing down on him, but 2015's Best Body completely manhandles the kid, snapping shut crushing body scissors that rearrange the lightweight's internal organs. Kirk kicks and flails in agony, which merely makes his tormentor laugh out loud. "Oh, look at that! Muscle prevails!"

A rising star in the indy pro ring, Kirk struggles to get traction in the gazebo early going. His speed and tenacity earn him repeated escapes from Chace's torture, but all that bulging muscle bearing down on him pounds him into tight spots again and again. Bearhugs, Boston crabs and big, barefoot stomps tenderize the lightweight's lower back. Writhing like a bug on a pin, Kirk submits repeatedly to physique star's crushing offense. "Come on, Mr. Quickness, get up!" Chace taunts. "Not so quick now, huh?"

Chace should probably be careful of what he wishes for. Once Kirk cottons on to the pace and potential of gazebo wrestling, he catches his second wind. An expertly thrown figure-4 leglock leaves big, bulging Chace screaming his submission in a panic. "Come on Mr. Muscles," Kirk rages. "That all you got!?"

Repeated submissions deliver a harsh dose of humble pie to Mr. Muscles. Even Kirk's "skinny" legs wring a writhing, shrieking submission out of BG East's reigning Best Body. As quick as he is, however, Kirk can't keep away forever from the swarm of muscle and mass continually wrapping him up, hoisting him off his feet, and squeezing every ounce of air out of his lungs in super sexy bearhugs. Chace threatens to snap his head off at the neck in an insanely extreme camel clutch. A series of catch and release over-the-knee backbreakers drives the lightweight pro to the bitter edge of stubborn determination.

Muscle and quickness finally tilt this match teetering just one direction, as one astonished stud struggles valiantly, but in vain against a perfectly executed sleeper. He writhes and wriggles on the line, but slowly collapses to the mat, limp and completely vulnerable in his opponent's arms. Who do you think is left standing at the end of the day? Mr. Muscles, or Mr. Quickness?

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Chace LaChance vs. Kirk Donahue
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Kirk takes control with a standing surfboard

Kirk bulges and bridges as he battles the pain of the side bodyscissors

Chace stopped dead in his tracks with a blow to his ripped midsection

Kirk is helpless as the tree-trunk quads crunch his skull

Kirk flops and turns trying to escape Chace's flexing headscissors

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Kirk Donahue - 5'10, 170 lbs

Mr. Muscles bends Mr. Quickness in half with an over the knee backbreaker

Chace whips Kirk up for a powerslam in the gazebo

Kirk wails for mercy as the big biceps pulverize his ribcage in a reverse bearhug

Chace drops the handsome stud across his knee in a backbreaker

Mr. Quickness brings his bigger, burlier foe to the mat with a headscissors of his own

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