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  Skrapper vs. Drake Marcos*

Skrapper - 5'10, 145 lbs

Skrapper controls Drake as he grinds his face into the mat with a well-placed foot

Drake brought low before his long, lean opponent in a kneeling headscissor

Drake bears down and drills his fists deep into his opponent's lean lower abs

Drake on top! (...ass exposed and headscissors on tight)

Skrapper looms above as Drake suffers, soothing his aching crotch

The Whipping Boy's Had Enough!

"I've been watching your stuff, and I've been really impressed," Drake Marcos explains as he arrives in the BG East mat room with Skrapper. "You take on the big guys, the titans, and you bring them down! I want to get to that next level," Drake insists. "I'm just sick of being the whipping boy around here."

It's understandable that Drake would turn to Skrapper for tips on holding his own. Pound for pound, Skrapper is one of the fiercest wrestlers on the BG East mats, win, lose or draw, and he wins significantly more than he loses. He has progressively added sweet, sexy muscle mass to his lean frame over the past couple of years, and opponents nearly twice his size have walked away licking their wounds from damage inflicted by this tenacious mat fighter.

"I could show you some secrets, if you're up for it," Skrapper offers his would-be protege. "First thing you've got to do is smell my pit," he demands, flexing his peaked right bicep in Drake's face. "How's that going to help me!?" Drake balks, but coach demands obedience, grabbing the notorious jobber by the back of the neck and shoving his face in deep. "You feel more aggressive now?" he taunts, flinging his shocked opponent to the mat and forcing him to kiss it.

This brutal wrestling tutorial starts off with both middleweights in street clothes, but Skrapper is first to forcibly rip Drake's tank top off and promptly shove it down his throat. "Feel like you could take some big guys now?" Skrapper smirks as he slowly raises Drake's rage to the boiling point. The flurry of lean limbs and raw fury send them scrambling across the mat, fighting for inches, battling for the advantage. Drake snaps his long, strong legs tightly around Skrapper's midsection to stop the onslaught of humiliation in its tracks. "I see you're aptly named," Drake mutters, ripping Skrapper's tank top off and rolling into a schoolboy pin. A shocking slap to the face demonstrates that Skrapper isn't the only one who can get under his opponent's skin.

Is it the method to Skrapper madness that wave after wave of abject humiliation slowly burns Drake down to a fiery, focused, scorching hot grappler? Right around the time Drake rolls his would-be mentor into a back breaking Boston crab and forces a shocking, screaming first fall submission out of him, Skrapper may be second guessing the wisdom of untethering BG East's resident whipping boy. Drake's prize for scoring first is to rip Skrapper's board shorts off. "That first time wasn't real!" Skrapper struggles to save face. "That scream sounded pretty real," Drake smirks.

Both egos now bruised, the match turns decidedly more vicious. Speed and wrestling technique give way to biting and vicious rakes across the eyes. Skrapper stomps his barefoot into Drake's handsome face. Drake uses his opponent's pecs as a punching bag. Balls clawed, asses spanked, lips forced to kiss the mat again and again. There's no pause when both battlers are forcibly stripped naked. They just keep pounding, clawing, and scrambling across the mat until one shocked middleweight is first to run out of steam. Tenacity is the real winner, with one simmering stud still on offense, completely having his way with his wasted challenger. Leashed and dragged around the mat on all fours, reluctantly obeying his master's every command, screaming, submitting, kissing the mat, then his opponent's body, then his lips. We don't know if there were any lasting lessons learned, but wrestling fans will remember this scorching hot mat battle for a long, long time!

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Skrapper vs. Drake Marcos*
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Skrapper split! Drake works a bodyscissor and spladle combination

Drake snaps his long legs tightly around the ribcage of his stripped foe

Skrapper's legs coil tightly around his writhing opponent's neck in a figure four headscissors

Skrapper's fists pound out a drumbeat on Drake's chest

Skrapper mounts his wasted foe from behind

Drake seems unable (or unwilling) to resist the liplock

Drake Marcos - 5'10, 155 lbs

Fully-clothed, Drake is already in trouble with a hammerlock and a hair pull for added humiliation

A sweat-soaked Drake cranks back with a single-leg boston

The whipping boy bites back! Drake yanks off the cocky stud's shorts while locking on a bodyscisors

Drake succumbs to Skrapper's wiles

Skrapper drags his leashed and gagged pupil around the mats

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