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  Cybertron vs. Mister E  

Cybertron - 5'10, 245 lbs of muscle

The "Secret Asian Man" double-arm jap-strangled by big evil heel stud Cybertron

The evil masked bully carries the comparatively tiny jobber up and over for a devastating slam

The Beast lifts the masochist for another spine-shattering slam as his cries echo in the arena

Cybertron brutally bends the boy-in-blue in a back-breaking torture tack

A powerful and nasty knee lift rings the pathetic, scrawny jobber's bells

Masked Massacre

Cybertron is one of the most mysterious figures in wrestling today. No one knows what happened in those five years between his first and second appearances in the ring. There are rumors about military-funded genetic experiments gone awry, but whatever the source of his superhuman transformation, Cybertron 2.0 showed up almost literally twice the man he used to be. His transformation wasn't merely physical, either.

The relentlessly brutal beating he dished out all over beautiful, ripped indy pro wrestler Ronny Pearl was one of the most devastatingly lopsided matches on record. Handsome Ronny didn't know what hit him. But it kept hitting him, pummeling him, crushing and breaking him into pieces for the longest 20-plus minutes of his young life. It should come as little surprise that we've sadly seen neither hide nor flowing hair of Ronny since Cybertron dragged him to the very edge of mortal terror.

What is surprising, however, is Mister E's willingness, nay, bubbly eagerness, to be next in line. Little is known about this sensationally sexy stud, other than the obvious fact that he is a punishment sponge. Each opponent he faces is bigger and badder than the last, and beating after beating, the masked Asian heartthrob keeps coming back insisting on more. Giving away 70 pounds of raw, lean, massively hung muscle, it doesn't get any "more" than Cybertron! But Mister E, in all of his Asian eagerness is there and willing, seemingly salivating at the prospect of stepping into the ring with sexy Cybertron.

When Mister E catches sight of his gargantuan opponent approaching the ring, he freezes mid-stretch. The sheer size and intensity of the giant is enough to turn the average man's blood to ice. Ominously, Cybertron rings the bell (dinner's on!), and something clicks off in the massive beast's semi-mechanical heart. He towers over Mister E, and that's even before he fires a rib crushing front kick that drops the blue-masked stud in a heap. Within seconds, the avalanche of muscle crashes all over the middle-weight grappler.

The ensuing ring massacre is not for the faint of heart. Fans may question whether Mister E will emerge from this match in one piece. By the terrified screams ripped from Mister E's throat again and again, he certainly isn't sure he's going to survive. He spends equal time in the air as he does on the mat, tossed, scooped and sent flying over and over again. Cybertron pauses, mid-suplex, to leave the stud hanging upside, the blood rushing to his head, his terrified screams finally stifled as he's slammed brutally to his back. Dragged up like dead weight, an atomic drop from the rafters nearly cracks the blue jobber in half. "My back! God, please, no more!" Mr. E pleads through choking sobs.

But there is more. So much more, as the superhuman muscle machine breaks him to pieces. Repeatedly on the brink of passing out from the pain, Mister E is continually dragged back to the terror of consciousness by the raging beast who seems never sated. Will the foolish hunk survive to wrestle another day? Is there anyone, anywhere who could lift a finger against the terrifying power of Cybertron?! You be the judge.

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Cybertron vs. Mister E
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Mister E's identity no longer a mystery? Cybertron rips away at the jobber's masked face

The big bully bruiser isn't finished yet as he drags the masked jobber up by his throat

The big swing will have Mister E seeing stars for weeks (if he makes it out, that is!)

Cybertron displays complete and utter control as he manipulates the jobber like a ragdoll

Cybertron uses his bootlaces to maul the masked visage of his hapless victim

A big blow to the asian stud's already brutalized back sends him flopping lifelessly to the mat

Mister E - 5'10, 175 lbs

"Please sir..."; Cybertron lifts the insignificant jobber high in the air for a choke slam

"...I want some more!"; Mister E grovels at the feet of the cruel taskmaster

Cybertron's big body takes flight to bodysplash the inert jobber into complete oblivion

Cybertron cross body carries his victim across the canvas with ridiculous ease

Will there be anything left of Mister E after the malicious heel finishes him off?

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