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  Masked Menace vs. Lazlo Kohl

Masked Menace - 5'5, 165 lbs

The Masked Menace sizes up his opponent whilst copping an appreciative feel

The beefy brawler's back bends brutally with the elevated surfboard

The Menace continues to sample the goods as he torturously pleasures his opponent

Lazlo fights back and takes control of the masked stud with a back-bending full nelson

A big bearhug saps his strength and leaves a spent Lazlo drooping like a used dishrag

Lightweight Underground Vet Battles Top Beefy Back Alley Brawler

Silently sizing one another up in the ring, Masked Menace and Lazlo Kohl are a study in contrasts. Big, beefy blond Lazlo stares down more than half a foot taller than his masked challenger. With bulging muscles and a soft core, the mustached rookie has a boatload of back alley brawling on his resume, but precious little legitimate wrestling experience. He prefers his sexual exploits mixed with equal parts open-faced aggression and winner-takes-all carnal delight. When he likes what he sees, he takes it, and there are few men with the strength or skill (or will) to deny him.

Masked Menace, however, is unlike any conquest Lazlo has undertaken before. The Menace is 40 pounds lighter than his raging, younger challenger. Whereas the beefy blond has rounded edges, the more mature masked wrestler is sensationally lean, built for both power and endurance. Although Lazlo stumbled across Masked Menace's online wrestler profile, he has no idea that the hairy chested hunk he's set his sights on is also a supremely experienced and accomplished underground erotic wrestler. Agreeing to sort out in the ring which of them takes the pole position in bed, Lazlo has no idea the overwhelming home field advantage he's ceding to his masked opponent.

They are blazingly hot for one another instantly. Masked Menace reads every inch of his massive opponent's bulges like a brail menu. When Lazlo returns the muscle worship favor, lustfully stroking and squeezing the rock hard hunk in a green singlet, both battlers' bulges twitch in anticipation. But when Lazlo grabs Menace's swelling cock, all hell breaks loose.

The initial tussle is all about brute power, so there's little wonder massive Lazlo gets the better end of the stick to start. When he charges across the ring, there's little else for the Masked Menace to do but either dodge or get squashed like a bug. But the BG East ring is no back alley, and the Menace works the corners and ropes like a master, turning the beefy blond's momentum on itself and dropping the big man to the mat. A height and weight advantage don't mean quite as much when you're staring at your opponent's flexing ass in your face and trying not to pass out from the expertly applied, savage headscissors.

Masked Menace's deep, rumbling bass will make your cock jump when he barks commands at his suffering opponent. "You," he orders, "give!" Lazlo sucks on his own suffering long and hard, but about the time he's ripping in half in a spadle with the Menace clawing viciously at his vulnerable balls, the big man finally whimpers and slaps the mat in a panic.

It's an uphill climb from start to finish for the frustrated Lazlo. He makes the underground pro suffer hard in revenge headscissors of his own before all is said and done. "Now, how do you like it!?" the raging young buck taunts, enjoying his opponent's hands worshipfully stroking his massive legs. But a vicious, clawing twist at the blond brawler's balls slaps him back down into shocked defense as Masked Menace does precisely what it takes to neutralize his massive opponent. Have hands, will squeeze!

The evening's prize comes into focus as one hard hunk grinds his crotch slowly, seductively into his opponent's vulnerable cheeks. Taunting and crowing give way to whimpering and weeping as the truly bigger man knocks his prey into submission. Pleading and begging for mercy are the prelude to one totally mastered muscle man being led by his cock from the ring to celebrate the promised winner-takes-all climactic victory.

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A sweat soaked Lazo screams as his crotch is ripped wide in a sadistic spladle

The Menace bridges as he suffers in the tight cranium-crushing headsicssors

Masked Menace makes his way free of Lazlo's head scissors via a crotch grab

Lazlo is trussed up tight like a Thanksgiving turkey as his torturer continues to toy with his goods

A display of dominance as the masked dominator uses his victim as a recliner

The Menace lustfully grinds his crotch into his wasted opponent's backside

Lazlo Kohl - 5'8, 185 lbs

The Masked one menaces his victim in a tight rear chinlock as his hand strays farther south

The Masked Menace rocks back as he sets Lazlo up for a crippling ceiling hold

Menace continues to press his advantage with an over-the-knee backbreaker

Menace has his victim right where he wants him in the brutal boston variation

Menace continues to control Lazlo's crotch as he works his back with the single-leg boston

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