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  Thrash vs. Trey Dixon

Thrash - 5'9, 165

The mysterious rookie ring-wrecker Thrash sadistically strangles Trey with the ring ropes

A big bearhug from Thrash totally trashes Trey's vulnerable spine

Thrash assaults Trey's crotch as he wedges his face up his muscled backside

A merciless torture rack relentlessly warps the thrashed Trey's spine

Thrash punishes Trey with a torturous backbending Texas cloverleaf leglock

Erotic Gladiator Meets Rising Rookie Heel

Tanned and toned, Trey Dixon looks stunning in tight trunks that perfectly match his baby blue eyes. It's a classic babyface appearance, smiling, sexy and perfectly accessorized! Trey has proven time and again his innate, passionate pleasure in the brutality of no-holds-barred wrestling. He has honed his magnificent, bronzed body to a razor's edge for the sole purpose of becoming the top erotic wrestler in competition.

It's not so much about the win-loss record for Trey, not that he is anything less than passionate about dominating his opponents. What Trey savors most is pushing and being pushed to the edge of endurance. He is turned on by the intimate exchange of power and pain. Lathered in sweat and tears, the climax of any match for Trey is not the final submission. It's the unleashed lust that consumes him and every opponent he's faced after someone finally can't keep wrestling any longer.

However, Trey has never faced an opponent like Thrash before. Actually, no one has ever faced Thrash before. The mysterious brawler hails from parts unknown, with wrestling experience and skills as disguised as his masked face. Sporting a dramatic black cape and a classic black strongman singlet, Thrash gives the appearance of a vintage pro from the Golden Age of wrestling. He's giving up several inches in height to his dashingly handsome opponent, but his thick thighs and powerful upper body are ominously paired with a detached, deliberate, icy calm demeanor.

Even Trey's obvious overabundance of caution fails to spare the babyface-in-blue a shocking attack outside the ring. The masked villain knocks the wind out of him with sucker punches, setting up three vile bearhug back-bashings into the ring post. By the time Trey is dumped unceremoniously inside the ropes, his golden, muscled back is beet red and bruised.

It's a good thing that Trey gets off on being driven to the screaming edge of endurance, because his diabolical opponent takes him there quickly and persistently. Tied in the ropes, throttled and thrown from corner to corner, the golden boy can't keep up with the avalanche of offense bearing down on him. Dragging the boy in blue up to kneel at his feet, Thrash snaps his gargantuan thighs around Trey's head in humiliating, skull crushing, standing head scissors that make our hero scream in panic.

"Now," Thrash asks with his eerily calm baritone, "do you give?" Trey holds out valiantly, but the more the masked muscleman bears down, the higher Trey's screams ascend in panicked agony. "Oh, God," Trey gasps in shock. "No more, yes! YES! I GIVE!!!" He finally screams in tortured humiliation. It's as thrilling a moment of submission as any you're likely to see or hear. If that delicious moment of total surrender does it for you, get ready!

With a dispassionate, clinical calm in picking apart the beautiful boy in blue, Thrash appears on the verge of being the first opponent to fail to fall victim to the wad-blowing sexiness of Trey's sensational suffering. But finally, there's a crack in the villain's armor when he absent-mindedly shoves his hand down the front of his singlet to rearrange the swelling muscles reacting to the heat of competition. Tapping into his opponent's mysterious erotic power, Thrash starts to dish out both pleasure and pain. Unable to keep his hands off the golden boy's pulsing rod, the masked muscleman suddenly claws Trey's crotch and lifts him off his feet in a breathtakingly brutal ball claw suplex.

The more suffering Trey soaks in, the more urgently Thrash dials up this scorching hot erotic take down, until, soaked in sweat and straining the seams of their gear, one desperate hunk hoists his opponent across one shoulder to take full possession of his prey off camera. No one leaves unaroused, least of all, you!

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Thrash intends on shredding that midsection just a bit more as he sinks his claws deep

A helpless Trey wails in agony as his muscular back suffers a sadistic rake

Trey's bulge just can't catch a break as Thrash sinks his claws in deeply again

Thrash is utterly relentless as he zeroes in on the crotch

Thrash thrashes his turnbuckle-trapped victim's star-spangled manhood

Every which way but loose: Thrash displays dominance over the pretty muscle boy

Trey Dixon - 5'10, 155

A crotch-clawing, turnbuckle-assisted backbreaker folds the spine of the endangered prettyboy

Trey suffers beautifully as the masked mystery man destroys his body brutally

Thrash exalts and piles humiliation onto pain as he forces his foe to suck sweat from his bulge

Thrash drives his knee into the suffering pretty boy's shredded solar plexus

Thrash asserts his dominance with dominion over Dixon: A boot to the back traps Trey on the mat

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