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  Jake Jenkins vs. Attila Dynasty  

Jake Jenkins - 5'6, 150 lbs

Jenkins' legs bulge powerfully as he flexes a wicked tight headscissors

Attila attacks from a place of desperation with a hair pull as the armbar locks in

Attila squeezes tight as he scales his opponent like a rampaging King Kong

Attila drives his evenly-matched opponent into the wall with a boot to the gut

Jake works over his opponent's shoulder from a dominant position

Through a Mirror Darkly With Two Totally Tough Mat Masters

Any match with Jake Jenkins is guaranteed to capture the attention of BGE fans, especially if it's a mat match. There's a reason why Jake is one of the biggest stars in wrestling. Few, if any, can rival Jenkins when it comes to looks, muscles, or amateur grappling experience, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. Even if he doesn't win his match, he wins over the viewer with his boy-next-door babyface sexiness and his wrestling prowess. The only negative when it comes to Jake is that all this adulation, even if it's deserved, gets to his head. As such, he's also one of the more cocky guys at BG East.

Attila Dynasty is, in some ways, a mirror image of Jake Jenkins. He's got phenomenal looks, a body to die for, and he's got a tremendous amount of amateur and MMA experience that is only enhanced by his incredible agility and stamina. And like Jake, these assets get to his head. Unlike Jake, though, Attila also loves hurting people, cranking on moves just shy of completely breaking his opponents. So when he sets his sites on Jake Jenkins thinking he can supplant the pretty boy at the apex of BGE, Jake better look out, because Attila doesn't want to just beat Jenkins, he wants this to the most painful match of his entire career!

Attila went to The Boss and demanded a match with Jenkins. Or at least pointedly asked, because no one who values his safety and status at BG East DEMANDS anything from The Boss! Still, even The Boss was more than a little titillated to see what might happen when these two studs collide. So when Jake hits the mat room, he finds Attila waiting for him. Not letting on that he made this match happen, Attila asks Jake who he is. "I'm THE Jake Jenkins." Jake seems a little surprised that someone might not know who is is, but he doesn't let that phase him for long because as he says, he's in his element, he's in his "comfort zone": the grotto, aka: the BG East mat room.

Before the match kicks off, Jake starts to pose because even he can't resist looking at his own body as he flexes. But before he has a chance to admire himself, Attila gives him a violent shove. Attila has no need for words to communicate his contempt for anybody who would have the audacity to strip down next to him and flaunt their muscles, even "the" Jake Jenkins. Undeterred, Jake tries flexing again, but this time Attila comes from behind with a full-on double overhead chop that knocks Jake down to the mat.

Now that Jake knows his opponent means business and it more than up to the task at hand, it's time to flip the switch from "poser" to "ass-kicker." Even if Attila has the blindside advantage, it takes only seconds for Jake to utilize his amazing amateur experience and wrap himself around Attila, dragging both down to the mat. But as Attila shows off his own amateur skills as they go back-and-forth on the mats, it's clear Attila's knowledge of mat grappling nearly rivals Jake, and his ferocity might even give him the edge. Already working up a sweat within minutes, both hunks decide that their shorts are getting in the way, stripping down to briefs that leave nothing to the imagination!

It's become more and more clear that if Attila is the mirror image of Jake, it's the evil mirror version (he even has the facial hair for it!), because he is enjoying the pain he's causing way too much! Letting Jake catch his breath, Attila can't help but to flaunt a little himself, doing some handstand and one-arm push-ups, showing off his tremendous balance and strength.

Before Jake even has a chance to react though, Attila throws himself at Jenkins, wrapping his steel-like legs around Jenkin's waist, forcing him to support his weight in an agonizing suspended bodyscissors. Jake tries bashing Attila against the wall, but Attila just cranks up the pressure. Has Jake finally met a superior opponent on the mats? Someone is going to be left unconscious when all is said and done, with the only guarantee that whoever walks out the door will have not just amazing looks, but the bragging rights to match!

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Jake grinds the prettyboy's face into the mat as he works an armbar

Jake's flexibility tested with a torturous, crotch-ripping banana split

Attila's turn as Jake applies his own version of the banana split

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Jake fights desperately to free himself from the tight, controlling roll-up

Attila is helpless as his scrappy mat foe stretches him out

Attila Dynasty - 5'7, 150 lbs

The two pretty boys square off in shorts for an intense mat battle

Jake puts his cage-fighting experience to good use with a powerful armbar

Attila strikes as he rains a series of stomps down onto the moptop's exposed back

Jake attempts to control Attila from behind as the two struggle for position

A hair-pulling crucifix stretches Attila out and wrecks his shoulders

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