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  Drake Marcos vs. Ethan Axel Andrews

Drake Marcos - 5'10, 155 lbs

With Drake's legs spladled wide, Axel goes to town on his dangling camo-bulge, squeezing hard!

Drake's ever-tightening arms deny his opponent air with a rear naked choke

A wasted Drake kneels before his torturer and begs for mercy that won't be coming

Burning the candle at both ends: Drake squeezes down tight with a ball-claw, headscissor combo

Drake tries to scramble away as Axel rips his thong strap higher up his crack

Jock Strap Ball Bash Bonanza: A Shoo-In For Sexiest of the Year?

Best Mat Battle 2016
Wrestlers at BGE often develop a reputation behind the scenes for more than just their wrestling skills. Some are the nicest guys in the world, some are so incredibly dedicated to their craft that they are constantly training, and some will flirt with anyone. But some just never stop trash-talking. Enter Ethan Axel Andrews and Drake Marcos!

These two can have their nice moments, they train as much as any wrestler, they both have a big fan following, and they can certainly flirt, but they rise above the pack when it comes to prowling the BG East offices looking for the next hot opponent to put down. After weeks of snarky comments from both, The Boss finally had enough. "If you two are so eager to trash someone, trash each other! Now get the hell out of my face and be in the matroom in ten minutes with your gear, ready to fight and put up or shut up!"

Now, Ethan has captivated hordes of fans as the unexpected heel. No matter what look he's sporting (and he certainly changes his look more often than other wrestlers), he's always sexy as hell. His lean body shows that he has muscles in ALL the right places. And he puts those muscles to solid use making wrestler after wrestler regret signing up to take him on.

Meanwhile, Drake has carved out his niche at BGE by being the go-to wrestler for sensually erotic matches. Whether he wins or loses (and he's certainly had his share of upsets), the viewer knows that a Drake Marcos match is going to be one of the sexiest matches of the year, and quite regularly nominated in that category too!

When the two finally come together in the matroom, their bodies do all the talking and they couldn't be more enraptured by what's to come. Their packages are stretching their singlets so much that before they even get face-to-face, they are cock-to-cock. Evenly matched in size (from top to bottom), a shoving match leaves Ethan unimpressed until Drake lifts and slams him to the mat. And less than a minute in, Drake is already straddling his opponent, thrusting his cock against Ethan's lean torso. "That was quicker than I thought," quips Drake, clearly relishing his role on top of the ubiquitous underground grappler.

Rolling Ethan over into a single-leg boston crab, Drake can't resist the tempting target within easy reach: Ethan's plentiful package. And so just three minutes into the match, a can of worms is opened wide as Drake locks on a vicious ball claw while holding the single leg crab. "Come on Mr. Underground Superstar, you give up yet?"

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, though, and the moment Ethan Axel Andrews slips out of the agonizing crab-ball claw combo, he grabs hold of both of Drake's legs and firmly plants his foot dead center into that vulnerable pouch. Falling back, Ethan pulls Drake's crotch into his foot with every ounce of strength he has!

And so, right from the beginning, this match becomes one of the most brutal ball bashing matches in BGE history! Nearly EVERY single hold is painfully amplified with ball claws: headscissors, crotch-splitting spladles, chokes, torture racks; you name it.

And that's not even including the punches and stomps that rain down on their abused cocks! Sweaty sexy schoolboy pins smother their opponent's face. A variation of a headbutt to the balls is repeatedly utilized, but rather than slamming their heads into each other, pelvic thrusts slam their cocks into each other for maximum pain and excitement!

The duo may very well regret all their tough talk, because this is a match that neither will be able to forget. In between all of the stripping, wedgies, and ball abuse, the sexual tension is absolutely pulsating between these two! But no matter who comes out on top, they may need some time to recover in order to thoroughly enjoy their hard-fought victory. This is definitely one of the hottest matches of the year and a shoe-in for a "Sexiest" nomination.

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Drake Marcos vs. Ethan Axel Andrews
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Drake locks down his opponent, unable to resist the temptation to torture that thick bulge

Things take a turn for the amateur as Drake muscles his lean foe to the mats

A feeling of deja vu? Ethan isn't the first to take this ride on Drake's face

A grinning Axel carries his outmatched foe around the mat with apparent ease

Drake is done... however Axel is not... he's far from it

Axel falls prey to a tight sleeper from the notorious jobber

Ethan Axel Andrews - 6', 150 lbs

Drake goes absolutely savage as he tears and rips at his opponent's bulge with a single-leg boston

Ethan tramples his victim underfoot and cranks up with the surfboard

Ethan attempts to shut his opponent down with a tight, lights-out rear naked choke

Insult to injury: Axel grabs a handful of his victim's nuts as he works the torture rack

Like a conquering savage, Axel flexes over Drake and gives him a faceful of his hefty bulge

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